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  1. Gordo

    Preference: Replica GT40 or Ford GT?

    I asked the same question? Now owning both, I still don't know which is better! Two totally different cars. Some days you wear T-shirts, some days you wear golf shirts. Which is better? It depends on the day. I'll just say you'll have fun with either. The GT is a tad less maintenance...
  2. Gordo

    Hi Johann - please may I have your phone number? I want to talk to you about my CAV in SA. Want...

    Hi Johann - please may I have your phone number? I want to talk to you about my CAV in SA. Want to bring it back to the US. Gordon King, Johns Island, SC. 843-425-2188 cell.
  3. Gordo

    thats why I love British races...

    Great video! Just saw this thread. I too love the Mini. My Grandfather had one in 1959, which is when I first rode in one and got the bug! I had one in the mid-1960's which was lots of fun. I presently own a few, including the old Spreen car that Ed Spreen won the run offs in in 1974. I still...
  4. Gordo

    GT40 Startline Crash at Goodwood Revival 2009

    Too much right foot - me thinks ??
  5. Gordo

    Has anybody read this book?

    It's a good read. Any serious GT-40 fan should take the time to read it. It has a "bent" to it, but I won't go into that here. Well researched and it must have taken ages (with lots of patience) to write. By the way AJ is the editor of Playboy. Gordon.
  6. Gordo

    Need advice on trailering a GT40

    Chock the leading edge of the ramp door about 4 inches high. (Blocks, 4x4s etc. or rubber door chock) Use a good 4 to 5 foot aluminum ramp (Pit Pal) to lessen the approach angle - if still not enough...raise the front of the trailer up as high as you can (I use a powered leg). I do this with my...
  7. Gordo

    SPF v. CAV

    I have a CAV (2006 # 123) which in my estimation was a better build than the SPF. The SPF is closer to the original in terms of dimension and components – but the CAV has had some development to make it a better (daily?) driver. (IMHO) The glass in the CAV is very thick and very heavy. Single...
  8. Gordo

    Bob Olthoff

    I too (mis)spent my youth around race tracks in South Africa. My Dad was one of the PR managers for BP who sponsored many of the European drivers that came to South Africa for the winter series. Through his position we entertained, fetched and catered to many of the "then" stars. I was lucky to...
  9. Gordo

    Green GT40 of Peter Sutcliffe

    Sooty - I saw your Uncle drive this car in Cape Town in '65 or '66 at the Killarney Circuit in the 3 hour race I believe. Sometime into the race the left front wheel came off coming out of Cape Town Corner. It traveled for several hundred yards - where I tried to stop it! I was on the inside of...
  10. Gordo

    A dilemma (NSFW)

    Oh well - here she is, my Chevy mechanic...this is actually "Ringo's" Chevy (George Barris Custom) which I found in Australia about 10 years ago...
  11. Gordo

    Sorry - no message? Gordon.

    Sorry - no message? Gordon.
  12. Gordo

    What happened to three Mirages?

    For what it's worth, I took these photo's last year in Atlanta, Georgia. I was told the car ran Le Man's in 1970 or thereabout. Not sure the model designation - but an interesting piece. Gordon.
  13. Gordo


    Welcome Jeff - You should not have any problem with 'fit'. The CAV is quite roomy. I have an Exige and it's a whole lot smaller and tighter than the CAV. My CAV (#123) has bags of room! Enjoy!
  14. Gordo

    Best radar detector

    Valentine...I have 4 of them in different vehicles. Also have an Escort - but feel it's "iffy". You need to get to "know" your detector - just like your wife or girlfriend! The Valentine has not let me down in 15 years.
  15. Gordo


    Welcome Bruce. Check the Ford GT Forum - their is a wealth of information there. I've tweaked my GT some in the handling dept. Great improvement. Contact Alex at T&A Shocks on that form (MR2Race). He and Tom Rickenbach (GT chassis engineer) developed some Penske's which are excellent. Stillen...
  16. Gordo

    Golf question

    All you even need to know about golf... YouTube - History of Golf by Robin Williams G.
  17. Gordo

    Chevron B8 For Sale

    Anyone know what a legit B-8 or B-16 should sell for today? There are a few out there, but the sellers are smoking some high end stuff!!
  18. Gordo

    IROC Porsche 911s...

    I saw 0035 for sale about 10 years ago in Savannah, GA. He was asking $68,000 which I thought was a bit steep! :huh:
  19. Gordo


    F-GT seats for sale. FS: Pair of Ford GT Seats - Brand New in Wrappers - The Ford GT Forum
  20. Gordo

    US Air Force C130

    The pilot was Cmdr. Jim Flatley, USN. Jim made it to admiral. Now retired, currently residing in Charleston, SC. A great contributor to the local community.