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  1. Brian Wilson

    UN5 transaxle alignment

    My GTD40 was fitted with an upgraded UN5 transaxle some years ago, replacing a UN1. Before I owned it. Was investigating a clutch problem recently, and discovered that the input shaft has almost 3mm of vertical movement (none in other directions). No symptoms in driving, but looks like a problem...
  2. Brian Wilson

    Looking for ZF Box in Australia

    I'm planning to replace my Renault UN5 transaxle with a ZF unit in my Ford 302 engined GTD. Does anyone in Australia have a ZF or know where I can get one? I'm in Sydney but happy to organise moving it from elsewhere. Also willing to swap with cash adjustment for the UN5. Very recently...
  3. Brian Wilson

    FS AUS GTD Seats

    Pair of completely refurbished seats from my 1984 GTD40. All foam, webbing and covers replaced. High quality leather covers. These seats are on runners, which bolt through the floor. I built new seats to bolt directly to floor because of headroom/helmet issues. These are quite heavy and bulky...
  4. Brian Wilson

    Lower Seats for GTD40

    Paul, Eric & others - here are some pics of the new seats I had made to address the headroom problem (lack thereof) in my GTD. The original seats are on runners which bolt through the floor. These take up quite a bit of space and the seat cushion on these seats is not removable. I'm around 6'2"...
  5. Brian Wilson

    GTD Shift Mechanism

    I have recently acquired a 1984 build GTD, which I'm generally very happy with. Found that headroom was a major problem - particularly with helmet - so making up new seats which will be bolted directly to the floor. At present the most comfortable driving position is seated on the floor! My...
  6. Brian Wilson

    Greetings from Sydney Australia

    Have joined as the new owner of a 1984 GTD40 painted in Gulf colours and road registered - eligible for historic registration! Car is very well built, but starting to look closely at all the little things I don't like. Especially the red and blue Aeroquip fittings. Oh, and the Facet fuel pumps...