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    Trans Ratio's

    Hi Gents I know there has been a lot of discussion around gear ratio's but I would like some feed back on what you think is the best final drive ratio for the street. I'm running a Porsche G96 3.44:1 on 25" rubber. Although I haven't done many miles it just seems too low. So before I shell out...
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    Kwik load trailers

    Does anyone own and or use a Sloan kwik load or Texas roll back trailer. I am looking to build one and are interested in any feed back good or bad Cheers Woody
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    Hi Guys Just finished reading an old post from 04 on all the types of headlights. What is the most common headlight today and how are they mounted. I brought a hella for my DRB and started to make all the brackets and mounts but its become very complex. There must be a simpler way or maybe a kit...
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    G50 Trans Mods

    HI Has anyone done there own modification to a G50 transaxle as far as the extra oiling / spray bars / and oil pump goes? and does it really help. Where is the oil needed most? is it sprayed directly to the crown wheel or plumbed right through the trans to feed all the gears on the main shaft...
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    Woody's new project

    Hi Guys I'm Woody from New Zealand and this is the first stage of the build. The body comes from Australia DRB in Brisbane, with the front and rear clips and doors hung. This suited me because Im an engine builder and fiberglass just makes me itchy, so I could get stuck straight into the nuts...
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    Hi Guys

    Hi I'm Pete Woodward or Woody to freinds, Ive just joined and been fumbling around the forum site for a few days. I think i got it now. Iv'e been building my GT40 for a year or so and didn't know this site existed WOW its very cool. Keen to sink my teeth into some of the technical discussions...