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  1. Gordo

    McLaren look alike II

    A few shots of my newly acquired 1970 Royale RP4 at VIR last weekend. Lotus twin cam 1600. Can also run with the 1300 block. Gordo.
  2. Gordo

    Delivery at last...CAV #123

    At long last, I took delivery of CAV GT - chasis number 123. A re-creation of the 1969 Rodriguez/Oliver car. (302 / 347 – 450 bhp / Audi 6-speed trans) What a beauty. Superb craftsmanship. exquisite detail. extraordinary attention to detail and flawless execution. Hats off to the whole CAV...
  3. Gordo

    How do I paste?

    Sorry if this seems a silly question...but how to I paste into a new thread? I am trying to post but a right mouse click does not reveal the usual "paste" option. Nor is there one on the tool bar? Is this restricted on this forum? Gordo
  4. Gordo

    New member

    Hi All, New member here. Just visited the CAV factory in Cape Town where I ordered chasis #123. I was very impressed by the attention to detail and thoroughness of the whole operation. I've been hanging around race tracks and fab shops for a long time -- these guys know their stuff. Can't wait...