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    CAV GT40 Transaxle Update

    I am in the final phase of revising the 016 transaxle in my #40 CAV. Didn't like the high rpm's of the AAZ geared box. I had a new ring and pinion, new 5th gear(.72), a Wavetech LSD, along with a rebuild of the transaxle done by German Transaxles of America. I'll be writing a separate thread...
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    CAV GT Cooling System Flush

    I've searched and haven't found any help. Need to flush the coolant system on my GT. Engine is a SBF. What's the best. easiest way to get rid of the old and put in new anti freeze in my car?
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    Getrag 016 Transaxle Assembly Manual

    I'm considering changing the ring gear in my AAZ 016 trans. Would like to go to a 2.92 ring gear. I need a manual to assist with the teardown and re-assembly. Anyone out there that has or can point me to obtaining this material. Previous threads have stated that there is an Australian...
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    Nomenclature for GT40 Dash

    I have a CAV GT40 and there are no labels identifying the dash switches. Interested in what other people have done on their switch/dash labeling?
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    Quick Lift Bumpers For CAV GT40

    Not sure this is the correct thread, but am looking for info to install functional Quick Lift Bumpers on my #55 CAV. Were they offered by the factory? Can they be installed to be functional? Where and how would they be located? Can the bumpers be purchased?
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    New to The GT40 Forum

    Joined several months ago to get info and ideas about buying a 40. I've been a Corvette guy for over 40 years and wanted something different this time. Purchased CAV#55 in February of this year and am having a good time with the car. I've had several chances to ask questions about upgrades...
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    Driving lights and rear running and lic. plate light

    I have 2003 built CAV GT40 and am having a problem with the driver's side front driving light, and rear driver's side running light and plate light. All three are not working and I have no power on the red wire at the appropriate connector. The passenger side lights are working properly. I...
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    Seals For Front Light Covers

    Planning on painting a moustache and strip on my MK I. Expect that the seal between the plexiglas cover and the turn signal/driving lights will need replacement after paint. Any idea where I can replacement seals or material to install when I'm done painting?
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    Quick release steering wheel

    Just purchased a 2003 built CAV GT40. I would like to install a quick release device on the steering wheel. The splined shaft is .75 inches in diameter and I believe the car has the original six bolt steering wheel. Suggestions, recommendations for a device that could be easliy be installed...
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    Wanted GT40

    Looking for a US located GT40, prefer a CAV with a small block ( 347 ci). Please send car info, location and contact info by PM.