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    FS EU Servos

    Now spoken for
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    FS EU Servos

    Two GTD servos, been sat for a while so will need seals etc, chromed but needs a polish. Free but you’ve got to collect, I’m not posting. They’ll be going to the tip if no interest.
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    FS EU Balance bar pedal box (new)

    Hi Paul, No idea I’m afraid…..nicely made though with the addition of a clutch stop that the Wilwood don’t have. Apart from that, ratio and mounting points identical.
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    FS EU Aeromotive fuel pump

    Still available, pretty much £1,000 to but this lot new
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    FS EU S/S crossover exhaust for sale

    Still available
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    FS EU Balance bar pedal box (new)

    Brand new and unused balance bar pedal box, complete with mounting plate. £200+p&p
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    Frank Williams

    I filmed several interviews with sir Frank over the years, I could never get used to his daughter Clare calling him Frank rather than Dad. She always had his best interests at heart and would always step in and halt filming if she thought he’d had enough. He was a tough old bird. RIP Frank.
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    MSD Distributor gear choice

    I have an MSD 8579 to go in my new 347 build. I never realised there was such a choice of gear to go on the shaft….steel, iron, bronze or “composite” depending on the material the cam is made of. I’ve been in touch with Comp Cams (the makers of my cam) and they recommend a “melonised ” Iron...
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    UK GT40 kit builders

    There’s a relatively new company called Revo Replicars in Poland, they seem to know what they are doing but I have no further information on them. Looks a bit like a GTD/Tornado copy to me….
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    UK GT40 kit builders

    That’s pretty much it now, others have fallen by the wayside. MDA are no longer, GT Forte well, let’s not go there, GTD and KVA both loooong gone. What with the looming restriction on new petrol cars, I can see the market for GT40’s and Cobras shrinking over the next few years. I think there...
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    Bristol, UK new member

    Welcome Robert. Simon
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    FS EU 302/UN1 adaptor plate

    Now sold
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    GTD returned to the UK

    Rather than start a (re) build thread on this forum, I’ve been posting some pictures and basic details on Instagram. If anybody would like to see the progress so far its here….GTD40 on Instagram Simon
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    Too Much Power

    Only a fool would run a car with that sort of power that wasn’t secured properly. Dangerous idiots abound it seems.
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    Ole mate logan at it again - Roaring Forties Content

    This guy is posting on FB in one of the GT40 pages……seems people have short memories!
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    Just joined

    Incidentally, Davis Craig now produce a Windsor specific adaptor that replaces the entire water pump, this makes the front of the engine much shorter and perfect for gt40 applications….Davis Craig adaptor
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    Just joined

    You could remove the impeller and pulley and go with an electric water pump….