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    Braided Stainless Clutch Line

    On my current setup, I have a steel hard line from a 0.75" clutch master to the firewall/bulkhead. From there, I have a 53" long braided stainless line (hose) to the clutch slave on an 01e transaxle. I seem to be getting less travel than what I might expect at the slave. Though the master/slave...
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    01E Slave Cylinder Piston Diameter?

    I'm looking to find the piston diameter of the 01E clutch slave cylinder. My symptom is a clutch pedal too close to the end of travel before clutch disengagement. I'm using a 3/4" bore Wilwood clutch master which should be adequate taking into account the appropriate ratios, etc. The 01E...
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    VSS Connector

    I need the two pin mating VSS connector for an 01E, so I'm seeking the most reasonable/convenient source. Is this connector available separately somewhere, or am I relegated to cutting one off of a late Audi/VW harness at the local recycler? While on the subject, what is the function of the...
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    DeTomaso Transaxle

    Just a couple of days ago I happened across a television program on SpeedChannel showing a variety of both exotic and low-rider cars interacting in an "appreciation" of what they are; cars. Curious program no doubt, but something caught my eye so I though I'd bring it here. One on the featured...
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    Audi Slave Cylinder Fitting

    Here are a couple of photos of an M12 x 1.0 inverted flare to AN-3 fitting available from Goodridge. One is of the fitting, the other is the fitting installed into the slave cylinder (Sachs P/N SH1640) along with the vendor information. Goodgidge P/N 306-03-M121D. The -03 designates AN or jic...
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    VSS Signal on 01E

    I would like to find information for the output signal for the VSS (vehicle speed sensor) on the 01E transaxle. Voltage, waveform, and PPM (pulses per mile/kilometer/revolution). I suspect it's the same for all late model VW/Audi 01E and 012 transaxles. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Andy
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    Audi 5000 Trans Case Saver Plate

    Looks like this guy has a number of kit car components as well (mostly Lambo stuff). eBay Motors: Audi 5000 Trans Case saver plate kit (item 120090676676 end time Mar-02-07 13:38:47 PST) Andy
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    917 Replica, No GT40 Content

    Thought this might be interesting to some folks in case they haven't seen it before. I saw the red LMK917 at the German Auto Fest in Ventura CA, this past weekend. What struck me most was how small it is. An extremely well done replica, IMHO. Andy
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    Mendeola Street Transaxle

    Aparently Mendeola is soon to release a street 5 speed transaxle capable of 500lb-ft and 650HP.The information I got from them was that they will have information and/or a trans on display at SEMA (Vegas) in November, and at the PRI show in Orlando. Not sure if a Ford bellhousing pattern will be...
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    ERA Build Photo's @ Tri-C

    ERA Build Photo\'s @ Tri-C Here are the latest progress photo's taken on 8/5/04 of ERA s/n 2004 build at Tri-C engineering. The motor w/ Gurney-Eagle heads is being installed. Andy
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    Gearbox Discussion

    There are some informative discussions on gearboxes (mostly Porsche) for mid-engined V8 applications on the Lambo site. Andy Andy
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    Rennegade Hybrids' Parking Brake

    Rennegade Hybrids\' Parking Brake Rennegade Hybrids has just posted a picture of their new mechanical parking brake. Though 914 w/911 rear brake conversion specific in this case, I don't see why it couldn't perhaps be applied to the GT40. I don't know much about it outside of it being a...
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    ERA Build at Tri-C Eng'g.

    ERA Build at Tri-C Eng\'g. All, It's been quite some time since I last posted the progress of the ERA GT40 build at Tri-C Eng'g. in Valencia, CA. Sorry, I didn't get the S/N of the chassis. Basically it had gone out for paint, and took a few months to return to their shop. So with camera in...
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    Audi, Porsche, VW, Transaxle Rebuilder

    I mentioned to Ron, German Transaxle of America as a rebuilder located in Oregon (not an endorsement). Though I have no personal experiences, all I know of them is their good attitude and willingness to communicate with the customer. I bought nothing from them, yet they were very forthcoming and...
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    Transaxle comparison

    I thought I'd post some (very) rough comparison data for various transaxle ratio's. I've made an attempt at gathering information to the best of my knowlege and sources. That said, I welcome any corrections and additions as with the Porsche 930 and the G50 and it's variants. The P stuff is...
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    Brett 40 Kit?

    All, I ran across this kit while surfing. I don't recall ever seeing this one mentioned on the forum. Forgive me if this is old info......just thought I'd share. Andy
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    S7 Transaxle

    I was at this weekends' POC "Tribute to LeMans" at Willow Springs Raceway. They had on display a Saleen S7. The transaxle looked very long between the motor and the differential as if the gears were located in between. It seems configured similar to a Porsche 928 transaxle with the motor coupled...
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    GT 40 mentioned in WSJ

    An article appears in today's Wall Street Journal on pg. W1, "For Sale: Hot Rod, Needs Work", which mentions that "late-'60's GT40s prices are dropping." The gist of the article has to do with money lost on incomplete restorations, but also mentions dropping prices on high end sports cars. At...
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    A New Build

    I've had little to share since joining this forum while trying to decide on the purchase of an RF kit. The decision has to wait until I finish my house re-model (and figure out how much of my funds I've exhausted!), so in the mean time I thought I'd share some pictures of an ERA GT40 build by a...
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    4.6 vs. 302

    Here's a link to a picture of a 4.6 quad cam and a 302 side by side. I thought this would be of interest to those that discussed this topic previously. Andy