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    Graz Starter

    Anybody find anything that puts out more torque? Mine Bosch standard starter works ok as long as the battery is VERY fresh. Anybody found anything that work well? I found this dude:
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    FS USA *SOLD* Graziano Gallardo / LS3 dual disk kevlar billet clutch complete - lowered price

    This was built by HCF Parts for use in an SLC, or any car that has a Graziano/LS3 with the same thickness engine adapter Has 400-500 miles on it (break in). I attempted to start turning up the power but got a slightly bit if slip @ 850ft lbs of torque. one of the downsides of kevlar.. it...
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    Graziano Shifter

    Long time reader :) I am not building an SLC, but love the platform and have made friends with a few owners. What I do have is a Graziano going into a Cayman. I have struggling to find a shifter and I understand from Fran that his 100% new shifter is not in production yet. Anybody have a...
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    Dallas, TX guys

    Would somebody like to let me come check out their SLC :) Currently have a supercharged Z06, but looking at my next project. Ill bring a 6 pack of your fav beverage! Thanks! -Jordon Musser
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    G50 and or ZFQ..

    I am looking for a solid model or at the very list some basic dimensions. I have a complete solid model of the LS1, but need at least an evelope with axle location vs LS1 block.. or even better, a complete solid model. I am building a 100% custom car from the ground up. Thanks!