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    Door Actuator

    Hello folks, Does anyone have a drawing for the size and location of the opening for installing a vertical electric door actuator for the SL-C car? Thanks for your time.
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    Electrical Paint

    Hello Tech Heads, I have just read where there is a paint available that can be used for electrical wiring. I wonder if there is a use for this product in car builds? What is your opinion?
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    Infinity Box or Relays

    Hey folks, I would like someone to set me straight about using the Infinity Box Multiplex system. When using Infinity Box is there a actual need for relays? Blessings, Charlie
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    ECU Recommendations

    Hello folks, What in opinion is the best ecu for the LS series engines that will also maybe run the SBF engines as well? Is it better to take the car and have someone install the ecu for a cleaner look or it one of those installs with a little patience can be accomplished without many issues...
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    Mercury Rising Engine

    Hey folks, Does anyone have any experience with the Mercury Rising SB4 - 7.0 engine? They use the LS7 and install their 32 valve design making 750 HP from what I understand. Price for crate engine including ECU is less that 30K and comes in multiple color combinations.
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    Coyote Valve Covers

    Does anyone have a source for a set valve and coil covers for a 2013 Ford 5.8L Coyote engine? I do not want the original stuff and prefer something that looks really nice. Thanks for your valuable time. Blessings, Charlie
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    Ford Z351 Engine

    Anyone know of a company that provides a ready to assemble SBF aluminum block or a short block where one can specify the internal components? Thank, Charlie
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    JPC Coyote engine

    Mighty builders, Has anyone looked into the Justin Performance Center 344 cubic inch Coyote engine for their build? I would like some real world feed back from you folks on JPC, their work, products and customer service. Thank you for your valuable time. Keep wrenching!!!
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    Rotating intake 180 degrees

    I have seen a lot of LS engines on this site with the intake rotated 180 degrees with the throttle bodies and air filter toward the rear. Is this something that is fairly easy accomplished? Anyone care to describe what the process is and if there is a brand of efi intake that makes this process...
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    Advise please

    Hello folks/experts, I am preparing to begin building my shop and I need some advise on equipment that I am considering. My plans include a two bay stations with one having a lift, paint booth, and small office area. I was also considering a small machine shop with wire, heli arch welder, drill...
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    Turn Key Engine Supply

    Anyone had any dealings with Turn Key Engine Supply located in California? Would value your response on the company and their engines. Thank you, Charlie
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    Paddle Shifters

    Hello Fellow Gearheads, I am trying to find a easier way for my wife to drive a manual shift transmission. I was thinking of installing a paddle shifter in my upcoming build and wanted your opinion on paddle shifters. Has anyone installed a paddle shifter in their car? If so, what brand and...
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    Paddle Shifters

    Hello everyone, My wife does not like to drive manual shift transmissions. I think it has to do with the thing between her ears. My question is this; Does anyone have a paddle shifter installed in their car? If so; what make and your opinion? Thank you, Charlie
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    Strip Color

    Hey all, I am trying to decide on the proper strip color for my Lemans build and I need your help. I have decided on the House of Kolor Black Forest color as the base coat. This is a medium pearl green with a black that shows in shaded areas, limited edition color. Anyone have a...
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    Thank you

    Fellow Gear Heads, I wanted to personally thank everyone for taking the time to respond to my "rookie" postings. I am so grateful that I was able to connect to this much talent on so many topics of discussions that produce positive results from things already proven and tried. Allan and Dean...
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    ECU Recommendations

    I have been looking at MoTeC ECU's and my thinking is they are more for racing use however you can adapt them for the rest of us if your pockets are deep ($15,000.00 -$20,000.00). Anyway, anyone care to recommend their preference for a ECU and why? As always, thanks for your time.
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    MoTeC Products

    Anyone using the MoTeC line of products? Appears to be useful for those desire custom design displays and documentation of racing logic and information.
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    Anyone care to share their experience in building the GT-R? I have seen some later posts but nothing recent. The car looks awesome just like all the other cars Fran and his team cranks out.
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    Borowski or Nelson Engines

    Has anyone used a Borowski Racing or Nelson Racing for there SL-C builds? If so; were there any issues that you care to expose both positive or negative with these engine builders? Thank you so much for your time. Chasman
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    SBC exhaust

    I was thinking of using a SBC engine, 447 CI, from Nelson Racing and wanted the exhaust to exit out the rear of the SL-C Lemans car. Can I use the forward facing headers form Stainless Works with three inch flex line to mufflers without many issues? Would there be any issues with the shifter...