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    Oil Cooler .

    Hi all im looking to find the thread size for the oil filter thread . So i can order an oil cooler kit complete . Need to find the size for the extension fitting for the sandwich plate .. Thanks all john.
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    Thread sizes .

    Hi all i am building a Ford 351 Windsor . I need to find out the size of the thread on the Harmonic Damper for the bolts to fix the bottom pulley on please Can any body help me please ..John.
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    Club Shop

    Hi all need a bit of help ....... Trying to get on to the club shop but cant find it !!!!! How do i get on it please ?? Im looking for a GT car cover ....
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    IVA Changes .

    Hi all has anybody heard any news on IVA changes . I was talking to Belinda on Monday about it . neither of us are sure on anything changing in the future .. Might be nothing but thought i would ask . Im thinking of my next build .. Thanks all . John.
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    13 inch steering wheel

    Just changed my wheel for a 15 inch one . So my 13 inch wheel is up for sale . Very good condition only done 300 miles LOL ... Looking for £80 posted ..
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    Steering wheel

    Hi all I hava a 13 inch wheel in my Tornado it's nice .. But I would like a bit bigger and the main thing I would like the grip to be thicker . Is there anything out there please . Thanks in anticipation .. John.
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    Three Essex GTs

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    Settings......Camber...Toe...Shocks ...

    Hi All i have fitted front Canards and at speed i can feel a difference . but just poodling about the front wants to go with road lines ruts and just doesnt feel right bit twitchy . What have you guys and gals set your front ends at .......... Any help would be great thanks .. John.
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    Happy Christmas ...

    Hi all i just wanted to wish all you guys and gals a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year .. Hopefully get to meet some of you next year ... John,,,
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    Spark Plugs.

    Hi all just wondered what plugs you are running on .. ??
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    Hi all i have Emailed Olthoff 2 times now and have not had any replys .. Does anybody know if they are still trading ?? Thanks in advance ... John
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    Hi all i am looking to see if i can get some Canards for my 40 ... Any information out there please. John,
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    Our Mag .

    Just sitting here thinking ........... When is the next mag be with us ??
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    Tornado passenger side window

    Hi all im looking for a side window passenger side .. Not happy with the way I have fitted the pop out part . Messed up the holes drilled for the hinges . I dont know if i can get just one side from Andy . I will get in touch with him . If there is one out there please let me know .. Ta
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    2........ 255/45/17 Tyres for sale .

    Hi All i have 2 ... Michelin Tyres For sale .........255/45/17 Done around 800 miles . no repairs or chivs . Very good condition . £80 + the ride or collect .. Thanks all
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    All done now ....

    Posting pics is now very easy .....
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    Corner Weights

    Hi all does any body know of any firm that does Corner weights ....... In or near Essex please .. Thanks all ...
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    Here she is...

    What do you guys think ?? i would like to know how to rotate the picy ...
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    Vacuum pumps.

    Hi all I am looking at fitting a pump to my servos . Mine just don't feel like they are working properly . Have to press pedal quite hard . My question is has any body fitted an electric servo pump and any for or against .. Thanks all .. John.