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    Converting RHD SLC to LHD

    Been slowly knocking off tasks. Heads are back on, new coil brackets, rerouted the coolant lines to go into my expansion tank and basically act as an aerator, painted part of the supports black with Por15, need to do the side angle supports. Added in a catch can, lots of oil in my intake even...
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    Heater Coolant Plumbing...
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    Does the dash compress your AC vent lines?

    Getting to finally putting in my dash and attaching my ac vent lines. It seems like the dash wants to sit on the ac vent hose and not let it sit down all the way. Did anyone have to crest flat spots in the hose? Or is there a specific way they need to be routed under the dash?
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    Removing spider after windshield installed?

    the gt40 spider is probably significantly easier than the SLC. SLC spider is heavy even without the glass.
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    S2's Build Thread

    I never want to have my car next to yours looks great. The portion of the hinge that mounts to the nose, was their any gap or unevenness? I understand you filled the back with mat to strength. I guess I’m asking if it mounted perfectly flat to the nose without having to add filler in between...
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    Mark B's Build Thread

    Check out the ruffian40 GT build. He did something similar. Also check local suppliers of polycarbonate. I can get a sheet for $75 around here that I’m going to cut into the shape for the rear window.
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    SLC G96/01 Clutch

    Looks good! Since you’ve had a full run with this tranny. What kind of RPM are you running at 70mph in 6?
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    Converting RHD SLC to LHD To do a “Full” conversion I probably would have needed to move the center spine over a couple of inches. However, the amount of time required just wasn’t worth it. My seat is tight to the center console, but that was...
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    Converting RHD SLC to LHD

    Here’s where I put mine, no idea how it sounds . I know in regular vehicles these pack a punch. Obviously not a 10/12 but it will help. Plenty of room in the footwell too. I’m hoping if I can close on this property I’ll have a two car detached garage as a car work shop! So if I can ever...
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    RCR40 Handbrake?

    You’re in Naples right? My advice is to skip the official state or county run offices and go to a 3rd party site. I used Florida 1st tags, they charge a concierge fee, maybe $100? But it was worth it, walked in with insurance, proof of purchase, MSO, and that title form I linked above. Picked up...
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    RCR40 Handbrake?

    To my knowledge there is no safety requirement/inspection. You just need a form for an officer or notary to fill out that verifies the VIN. Then take in your paperwork and get tag/title. I knew a notary so I was able to register and get title/tags...
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    RCR40 Handbrake?

    I never actually had one when I bought the car, so the option on what to use has always been open to me. I’m leaning toward the Tesla, but I will figure it out when I have the tools/time to make a custom bracket. I think all in Tesla with the caliper, and pantera kit it’s something like $400.
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    RCR40 Handbrake?

    I still haven’t installed a parking brake on my car, in Florida there are very few hills. However I still want to do it for the occasional time I need one. Let me ask, how is everyone engaging the effectiveness? For me I would say that as long as it holds the car, with it in gear from rolling...
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    Converting RHD SLC to LHD

    In the passenger well there is a 8in powered sub. I think my biggest worry is going to be rattling. I think what im going to do is add some more sound deadening in the doors and possibly add some expanding foam in the distal corner of the door as well. I need to remove the door inserts to carbon...
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    Converting RHD SLC to LHD

    Little update. Allan says the car should be finished this week. I also am closing on a new rental property here soon that includes a detached two car garage. I’m going to convert it into my workshop, should help tremendously with getting things done. I still have a list of things to complete...
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    Joel’s SL-C Build Thread

    Looking good Joel, any plans on traction control? I can’t remember.
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    Strongest transaxles

    Plenty of Graziano Audi/lambos on YouTube that have never touched the box.
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    Sean's RCR GT40 build

    Are those rear fenders wider? What’s the biggest width tire you can get under those?
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    Converting RHD SLC to LHD

    I wanted to share a few more photos from Allan. It looks like a lot of body work is done, primer soon. I will be doing plastidip at home when it gets back. Unbelievable how much work there is. Just when you get all the mechanical stuff done there is still hours and hours into the body and interior.