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  1. Stephen Ducker

    Dax 40

    The Gulfstream must be about an hour away, parked on the pan at Gatwick.........
  2. Stephen Ducker

    Columbus Ohio GT40?

    Good luck with the purchase Nick ! If you're after a kind of truly authentic look, The Mk2 was never a road car in period, race only. Mk2 also has higher fenders above the front wheels in addition to the differing rear end. 1966 Mk2(a) has twin periscope scoops & a box air intake on the rear...
  3. Stephen Ducker

    Covid19 vaccine- report your progress

    Thanks James. It's not well publicised but there is a UK 'side effect monitoring system' The Yellow Card. Regards Steve
  4. Stephen Ducker

    Dax 40

    Yes I saw it too. (eBay but the same dealer/seller as post #1) Steve
  5. Stephen Ducker

    Covid19 vaccine- report your progress

    Hi James, Sorry to hear of your issues with the second jab, I don't know if you sought advice at the time, I think I would have done. The main thing is you soon got over it, although the problems you had did sound a bit worrying. I think three jabs of the same vaccine is relatively common, my...
  6. Stephen Ducker

    Ford GT40 Anthology Discount To Jan 17th

    If you haven't got your copy of this great new book yet the 45 % discount code ( from the publishers Veloce ) is still active for another 10 days. FESTIVE45 Regards Steve
  7. Stephen Ducker

    Dax 40

    You have to love 'dealer' adverts. Gulfstream Livery !
  8. Stephen Ducker

    Merry Christmas!

    Best wishes for Christmas & the new year everybody. Steve From a dark, damp south Essex
  9. Stephen Ducker

    Southern GT - Fog lamp wiring diagram ?

    Yes, fog lights don't usually work on any vehicle unless the vehicle lights are on first. Not strictly the 'same circuit' or they would be on all the time that the vehicle lights are on. A 'connected or related circuit' is perhaps a better description. They will be (should of been) wired in...
  10. Stephen Ducker

    Gmp gt40 models? Why so expensive?

    Exoto do jack up the price when stocks are getting lower. They're usually fairly sensible prices when they are first available. The 1966 set above for instance cost me about £350 not long after introduction. All of my Exoto's have been purchased direct from them or their official e-bay outlet...
  11. Stephen Ducker

    Ford GT40 Anthology - due 20th October 2021

    Still waiting for Ronnie's updated book, I'm used to waiting ! Ronnie if you see this, compliments of the season to you. Best Regards Steve
  12. Stephen Ducker

    Ford GT40 Anthology - due 20th October 2021

    Hi All, My book has arrived & it's enormous ! The colour photography reproduction on the rear of the cover is great quality. I haven't seen inside yet as it has been wrapped up for Christmas ! Regards Steve
  13. Stephen Ducker

    Any ideas

    Agree with Ian, looks like a Dax. (Height from the bottom of the door up to the air intake looks much larger than stock.)
  14. Stephen Ducker

    Ford GT40 Anthology - due 20th October 2021

    Hello Graham, Thanks very much for the email, & message above. Just ordered mine :) Thanking you here to prevent overloading your inbox ! Compliments of the season ! Steve
  15. Stephen Ducker

    Covid19 vaccine- report your progress

    Time for an update. I had the flu jab back in September. Received my booster (3rd) jab three days ago. In my case that makes two AstraZeneca shots & now a Moderna, all with the normal, for the UK, 6 month interval between them. No side effects except my arm felt like it was bruised the next...
  16. Stephen Ducker

    Chassis Painting... Paint & Quantity

    Thanks, I appreciate your good humour ! Having had pneumonia & pleurisy myself and a father who has the damage caused by 'farmers lung' (farm dust etc) I realise that lungs are potentially vulnerable things. I also remember the massive step change in procedures (air fed masks etc) that was...
  17. Stephen Ducker

    Chassis Painting... Paint & Quantity

    Andrew will be thinking of this, & I agree with him. and Regards Steve
  18. Stephen Ducker

    Le Mans Classic 30 june - 3 July 2022

    Car park is ticketed too. I guess you will be parking at your Flexotel though.
  19. Stephen Ducker

    Nose color

    Somewhere I saw some ancient colour film of the front end being sprayed matt blue, which looks like matt black on b&w photographs. Will post a link if I can find it. Bit of an old thread this !
  20. Stephen Ducker

    Its official MK I GT40P 2426

    Nice early Christmas present !