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    ZF transaxel

    Can anyone share the shift position of a 5 speed ZF transaxel? I can find reverse, (left and up) and 4 more gears in the standard H pattern, where is 1st or 5th, I've lost one of them, LOL, Wayne
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    CAV GT40, finished, almost

    It runs, needs mirrors, misc. details, and tunning, Wayne
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    ZF transaxel

    Anyone know who can beef up a 5 spd ZF and if its worth while to do so? Thanks Wayne
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    Ford GT transaxle

    Ford GT original equipment 6 speed transaxle listed in the 2006 Ford Performance parts book page 126, dealer sugested retail is $14,500us, Wayne
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    Mondelo Transaxels, PRI Show

    I was at the PRI show here in Orlando, went by the Mondelo transaxel booth and they have a street transaxel with helical cut gears for a street/kit car application coming out in March '06. Price is about 10-11K US and rated for 750 HP. Naturally it was hooked to a chevy engine and the kid...
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    Dan Gurney engine

    I was just offered a NOS in the boxes a Dan Gurney engine, complete less cam and water pump, boss 302 block, any idea what its worth? Thank Wayne
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    I thought someone here would like to see these pics, Wayne
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    650HP Ford GT

    Someone asked about performance mods for the new Ford GT. There is info on this Ebay item about Hennesy Motorsports #4564994716, kind of pricey, Wayne
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    Hewland Mk 8 transaxel

    Anyone know anything about the Hewland Mk8 Transaxel? What kind of HP will it handle? How amny speeds? Thanks Wayne
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    Cheaper Ford GT

    Auto Trader has a red Ford GT in WPB Florida for 177,000. Note I said cheaper, not cheap, Wayne
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    Ford Gt price increase

    Just heard today from a Ford Dealer Ford is raising the price to dealers $10,000 per car, Wayne
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    Ford GT problems

    Anyone who has a new GT, do you have problems downshifting to 1st and 2nd at 20 to 30 MPH? Also, does you AC fan make more noise than the engine when its running 1/2 speed or higher? I am also blessed with a leaking rear main seal, Wayne
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    Transaxel pics

    Here are some pics of my transaxel if anyone is interested, Wayne
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    Pics of my Ford GT and CAV GT 40

    Here are pics of my new Ford GT and my CAV GT 40 I promised. The CAV's motor is done, Keith Craft 510" all aluminum TP, Ford TP injection manifold modified by Kinsler to EFI (the only hold up from completion) and a new T44 Transaxel, Wayne
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    CAV paint

    Anyone have trouble with the paint bubbling up on their CAV? Mine did. Also one tire kept going flat, bubble test showed weld on the rim was leaking, got it fixed. I wonder what will happen when its complete and I start to drive it? RWJ
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    Bronze and gold membership

    Can someone explain the difference between bronze and silver memberships?
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    Ford GT

    Wanting to buy a new Ford GT I'm watching the auctions on Epay, is it me or purchasers are willing to pay 30 to 40K above MSRP while dealers are wanting to get 75 to 100K? I know of only one person getting one at sticker, anyone else know of any purchases at MSRP or close to that? RWJ
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    Ford GT

    I was told today that there will be two verions of the GT, one is the race style , No A/C, etc. for $140K and the street version with all the dodads for $159K. Does anyone know anything about this? Thanks Wayne
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    A new GT 40

    Attached are some pictures of a GT 40 in progress, being built by a friend of mine. Anyone recognize what the engine will be? Wayne
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    GT 40 in the movies

    Flipping channels last night on HBO was drippy movie called 'A man and a woman', what caught my eye was the star was a French race car driver and the scene about 30 minutes into the movie showed a GT 40 and an Ford indy type car, 2 people were reving/ working on the GT 40. Movie was circa 1966...