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  1. Andy Sheldon

    Dennis Collins finds a TSC GT40 Barn find

    Dennis Collins from Coffee Walk and Fast and Loud finds a Tornado TSC GT40 replica as a Barn find.
  2. Andy Sheldon

    Tornado TKC feature article

    Out now is the Jan/Feb 2022 issue of TKC magazine which features a 6 page article on Dave Broome's Tornado TSC GT40 Aluminium Monocoque GT40 replica. Get your copy now in time for Christmas from the local News agent!
  3. Andy Sheldon

    New replica seats

    We have now introduced a new version of our GT40 replica seat. These seats have additional grommets in a square pattern as original as opposed to the earlier rectangular pattern. The interconnecting stitching has also been removed which is not an original GT40 seat feature. The seats are based...
  4. Andy Sheldon

    FS EU BRM Wheels and Tyres

    FOR SALE. Set of 4 X BRM 6 replica wheels with tyres. 8" X 17" fronts and 10" X 17" rears in Anthracite Grey. Condition of the rims is excellent with no rim damage. Front tyres are 235/45/17 ZR and rears are 265/40/17 ZR Toyo Proxes T1-S. Lots of tread on all tyres. Wheels are 5 stud bolt on and...
  5. Andy Sheldon

    Handbrake Kit

    A new more effective high static hold rear handbrake caliper conversion kit is now available. The calipers feature a die cast body with a forged cable attachment arm and weigh just 1.5 kgs each.The kit includes a pair of rear calipers, 2 sets of high friction composite metallic pads, adapter...
  6. Andy Sheldon

    Electronic Speedo trigger Wheel.

    Now available is a new electronic speedo sensor trigger wheel. The wheel has 40 teeth which gives an improved smoother signal over the 6 CV joint cap screw heads usually used to generate a signal. The trigger wheel bolts directly to the CV joint and can be cut in half to save having to remove...
  7. Andy Sheldon

    Engine Top Vent Panel

    Now available are new engine top vent panels as original featuring the correct number and size of louvres. Manufactured in mirror polished Aluminium and supplied complete with stainless steel fixing screws. Supplied pre drilled and trimmed to size by our CNC cutting machine. Rear body vent...
  8. Andy Sheldon

    FS EU 17" BRM KO Wheels

    FOR SALE A set of 4 BRM GT40 replica wheels for sale. 2 X 8" X 17" front and 2 X 10" X 17" rear. Finished with satin Black spokes and polished outer rims. Off sets to suit Tornado TSC GT40. Complete with Falken Azenis tyres 235/45/17 ZR front and 265/40/17 ZR rear. Wheels are Knock on with 5...
  9. Andy Sheldon

    John Wyre

    Does anybody on here know where in Kidderminster John Wyre was born and raised? He was born on 11th December 1909. We have been manufacturing GT40 replicas in Kidderminster since 1989 and I never knew that Mr Wyre of JW Automotive was born here. A customer pointed this out to me the other day...
  10. Andy Sheldon

    Tornado Australia

    We are now in the process of setting up an outlet for our cars, kits and parts in Australia. Tornado Australia will be run and operated by Dave Stean. Many of you will already know Dave from the Facebook Australian GT40 and Cobra replica pages. Dave has been building replica cars in Australia...
  11. Andy Sheldon

    Ford GT40 MK2 model kit

    Soon to be released by Meng is a 1/12 Ford GT40 MK 2 plastic model kit. Something to do while waiting for your kit package to arrive or build a minature of your full size replica. These kits will be available direct from Tornado Sports Cars in a few weeks time. Price is expected to be approx...
  12. Andy Sheldon

    Improved Gurney Weslake covers

    A new and improved version of the Gurney Weslake valve covers will be available in the next few weeks. The top fins have been replaced with one long continuous fin to give a much more accurate look. These covers are a direct fit onto any heads which a standard Ford 302 rocker cover will fit...
  13. Andy Sheldon

    Billboard Tyres

    Avon and Goodyear Eagle Billboard tyres are now available from Tornado Sports Cars. Pictured knock on rear wheel and tyre is from our new Gulf 1075 replica demonstration car which will be completed in early 2021.
  14. Andy Sheldon

    Lucas 608 Mirror

    The 608 Lucas rear view mirror as fitted to the original GT40 are now available from Tornado Sports Cars. The Mirrors are supplied complete with an aluminium mount suitable for attaching the mirror to the windscreen or the roof headliner. It features a dip function slider as per the original...
  15. Andy Sheldon

    QBE62G Transaxle

    We are now supplying the latest new version of the QBE62G gearbox. The cost is £8,750 + VAT and this includes the bellhousing to suit the Ford Windsor small block engine. The following details have been provided by Quaife. Quaife designed the QBE62G to provide a modern, uprated, robust...
  16. Andy Sheldon

    Door top roof bubble

    A new MK1 GT40 roof bubble is now available in the slightly lower height of 1 3/4" than our previous version which has now been available for the last 30 years or so. The new version has a shaped mounting flange that is curved to exactly match the curvature of the door top to avoid door top...
  17. Andy Sheldon

    Ultra Torque Starter Motor

    A new super heavy duty ultra torque starter motor featuring a steel gear insert for use on both EFI and carburetor equipped engines. This starter is both compact and powerful and ideal for use on EFI engines with up to a 10:1 compression ratio. These starter motors feature an integral solenoid...
  18. Andy Sheldon

    Rear Body Section Restraint Cables

    New rear body section restraint cables are now available. These can be fitted to replace the rear body section stays that were previously available. The kit consists of cable, hooks, swivel end clips and fixings pack all in stainless steel to prevent rusting. The same kit can also be used to...
  19. Andy Sheldon

    Tornado TSC GT40 on You Tube

    A driving review on the Tornado GT40 can now be seen on You Tube at Thanks Andy
  20. Andy Sheldon

    Knock On Spinners and Nuts

    The first batch of Gulf type front knock on wheel spinners are now available. They were slowed down due to the virus situation. We now have normal Halibrand spinners, Gulf front spinners and plain wheel nuts available for or knock on wheel hub conversions. I have seen some original cars with the...