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    Avon Tyres on SPF GT 40 MK1

    I am planning to fit Avon tyres and now I wonder what the best fit for the front wheels of the SPF GT 40 MK1 with 15` rims would be: From what I found out so far, Avon offers 245/60-15, 225/65-15 and 215/60-15 (but no 225/60-15) Would the 245/60-15 fit without problems or what would be the best...
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    Change of Headlights for Europe

    I am planning, to import a Superformance GT 40 MK I from the USA to Germany,. For registration I would need to change the headlights. Does anyone know, which headlights I would need and where I can get them from? Any other change I would have to make on the car for registration? Thanks &...
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    SPF GT 40 - roundels incl. number

    Hello, does anybody know, if the roundels can be ordered for a GT 40 MK I from Superformance ex factory with a number already painted (no decal). Regards, Andreas