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    Distributor gear on small block Ford

    Hi, I have a friend with a Tiger that I installed a Crane Hydralic roller cam , retro fit lifters and Comp Cams stamped steel roller tipped rockers in his 289. There is not a lot of oil in the top end of this engine and at Willow Springs the steel distributor gear failed (overheated) and I...
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    McLeod Clutch and flywheel

    157 tooth McLeod Billit steel flywheel, 28 Oz balance, 26lbs weight with match balanced McLeod Diaprahgm clutch, new dual friction Ford clutch disc. This set up was on my CAV for 10,000 miles (w/BMW disc) and is in perfect condition. $500 OBO Dave (619)339-3838
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    CAV stub axles

    These are custom stub axles, made from 300m and properly heat treated. Basically the same as used in off road Trophy Trucks, I have been working on them for quite a while to get them right. They look a little different but all critical dimensions are correct . These will fit the older, pre 100...
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    Real GT40 Bellhousing

    This is a Genuine GT40 Bellhousing, in excellent condition (does not appear to have ever been installed on a car) for a 5 bolt 289 and a ZF-0. This was sold to me as a Indy car bell for ZF (at about twice what I am listing it here for) but I would have had to cut it up to make it work. $750.00...
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    28 oz Mcleod flywheel and clutch

    Steel billet Mcleod 157 tooth flywheel and match balanced 10 1/2" clutch w/new Ford Disc. I ran this on the 347 in my CAV for about 8000 miles. When I built the SPF I used the Safir bell housing and 7 1/2 dual disc set up. This is all in excellent condition. $600.00. I also have a used 157...
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    Indy Car Build "The Stewart Warner Special"

    I tried to find my original post on this project, but could not. I have beenwworking on Panteras and GT40's and my Indy Car was just laying there, I was falling into a state of depression all projects seemd to go on for ever and the sands of time were running out for yours truly. So I shunted...
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    Name that motor!

    Ist one is easy, second one may be tougher. Dave
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    CAV Stub axles

    I am having some custom stub axles made up to replace the 90 mm Audi stub axles used on many CAV's. This will allow you to run a 930 Cv on the outside of the axle, a huge improvement in strength and reliability. They are custom made by a machine shop that specializes in off road racing and...
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    Audi adapter kit

    Complete adapter kit from a CAV for the Audi 016 Contains the 2 adapter plates, flywheel, pilot bearing, 228 mm 4 puck clutch, release arm, t/o bearing, slave cylinder, bolts, cable adapters for shifter, mounting brackets and a starter suitable for a stock 302. I have installed a kit like this...
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    Monterey Historics

    Who is going to Monterey next week? Doreen and I are driving up from San Diego in 2214. We will be at the Baja Grille thursday afternoon, the Quail on friday and the track on saturday (in either the Pantera or Cobra Corral). My cell (619)339-3838. Dave
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    rear sway bar links

    There was a discussion about longer links for the rear sway bar and somebody was making them for the SPF. I cannot find the thread does anybody know who is making them? Thanks, Dave
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    Corner weights on SPF2214

    The SPF MKI is up and running so it was time to put it on the scales. MY CAV #56 weighed in at a porky 2840 lbs with me and 15 gals of gas and I thought the new car might be a lot lighter. The body panels, seats and bellhousing, flywheel/clutch combo are all lighter on the SPF. LF...
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    GT 40 bellhousing, clutch parts, exhaust pipes

    I have a set of new, silver ceramic coated 351 header pipes from my my SPF. They are very nice and may work on most GT 40's. They are 1 3/4 inch and have 5/16 flanges, they are designed for exhaust ports in the stock position, no collectors or mufflers. $1,000 OBO, same cost as the 302...
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    SPF MKI #2214 build

    Hi, the CAV is on the way to GT40 heaven and I have recovered enough from my accident to start the build on it's replacement, #2214. I will be using the 347 and the RBT from the CAV but will be making some changes. The Superformance allows the use of an original type GT40 Bellhousing (w/...
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    New CAV build

    This is going to be a very nice car, T & L 347, Weber 48 IDF's, Audi trans, wide body Gulf trim, 17 " wheels. The CAV comes with all of the needed adapters, including the clutch and flywheel, for the Audi trans. I will post pics as the project goes forward, Dave
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    Clutch parts for ZF

    I have the shaft, slave cylinder arm and the fork for the t/o bearing for a ZF, I don't think that they are being supplied by RBT any longer. You will still need the 2 end bearings, teflon bushings and the roll pins that hold the fork onto the shaft, RBT still has those parts. $350? Dave
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    Goodwood 2008

    Doreen and I will be attending Goodwood this year. I will be crewing for Chuck Haines on a 68 Gurney Eagle Indy car(turbo 4 cam Ford). Chuck is the gentleman I purchased my Indy car from and attends this event every year with some kind on interesting car. I hope to meet some of the UK GT40...
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    Avon Tires

    I finally broke down and bought a set of Avons for my GT. They are ridiculously expensive! $1500 to my door step but work very well. My car has always broken something everytime I have attended a track event and for that reason I have never put on a set of sticky tires, but I have recently...
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    Western States Cobra Bash

    Who is attending this event? May 14th-17th in Sparks, Nevada. Anybody from San Diego? I am going up on the 13th. Dave
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    -2 ZF for sale

    I have a ZF for sale that I got along with my Indy motor, It is still full of oil and was working in a Pantera. If anybody is interested I can pull the cover and verify that the ring gear has been wired and get some idea of it's condition. I don't mileage or history except that it was running...