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    IT LIVES....

    Many of our more enduring members will be interested to know that both Russ Noble & his car are alive & kicking. Russ called in for a cup of coffee & a chat last week while following the Formula Ford Series around the south Island of NZ and yesterday a good friend of ours posted a photo of his...
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    Edit function

    For a while with this 'new' website we had an 'edit' function, this now seems to have gone walkabout, any chance it might return sometime, being a 'relatively old' bloke I make the odd error now n again and it was a handy thing to have to fix things before folk got the wrong idea about what I...
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    GT40 linked--?

    Spied this on a FB page, thin link to GT40, but in the time frame. As a ~12 year old with annual subscription to Poplar Mechanics as birthday present from grandparents this car really caught my eye.
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    Silver Fern GT40

    Some pics of the Graeme Beck built GT40 at last weekends SFOS meet at Teretonga. Gradually getting sorted and driven by his daughter Racheal. Graeme passed away a few years ago with car still on the assembly table and at that 95% done, 90% to go point that many of you will be familiar with. Car...
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    Cool FOMOCO advert

    Pretty sure its GT103.
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    Private Messages.

    Are these still private?
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    Canada/NZ TVR

    Thought some of you older members might enjoy an Up Date pic of the TVR, It has been running in Classic series for over 15 years now, 13 of those on the same engine & just finished this season with 8 wins I think. In that time its managed to fail a roller lifter ( due to error in setting valve...
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    Gallery wont open?

    Is it just me?, cant get the gallery pages to open up....
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    Seems a waste...

    Want an MX-5? Skip Barber race driver school.
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    Interesting Can Am/ G7A Info.
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    Kiwi Scratch build GT40

    1 Build pic & Race pic only. Pics with owners ( R. Beck ) approval.
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    No more Aussie Built Fords

    Apparently last day for Ford production in Aussie today, the Blue Oval Fans will be hoping for a win at Bathurst on sunday to send them off in Style!!
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    New Zealand/Australia Classic Developements Mk1

    Found this last night. Over a hundred photos both at CD & Australia. Les Johnson's GT40 Recreation - TSCC
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    Classic Race-Highlands-NZ

    Hopefully attached a video of classics races on the sunday at Highland Park, Cromwell, NZ... about 1.5hrs up the road from me & same for Brian Stewart in Dunedin. several cars in this video that might be of interest to some forum members... The red GT40#3 is an ERA I think owned by Ant Leighs...
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    KIWI Highland Park GT3 OZ GT meeting

    Looks like Cromwell NZ is the place to be in early November each year. Terry Marshall foto from Autonews Facebook
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    Krazier Kiwi's than me!

    Been following this build on another thread in 'The Roaring Season' site, see it now up for auction on Buy online and sell with NZ's #1 auction & classifieds site | Trade Me type auction #624473554 in search bar. Probably caused a few near miss or nose to tail collisions on the day they took...
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    H&M Le Mans MKII Replica for NZ

    Just reading Highland Park newsletter ( New Racetrack Complex in Cromwell NZ ). Grant Aitken ( One of the Directors ) has recently taken delivery of his Holman & Moody MKII replica. Kitted out with a 427 side oiler & painted in the colours of the car driven by McLaren & Amon. Sorry no mention...
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    Porsche 906 Question

    Was browsing this afternoon & found an article on a P906 for sale in France recently... photos show a square tube frame/chassis and suspension that looks more like 911 ( trailing arm rear & Mcpherson strut front ). In the text they call it a pre/series Factory car which I have never heard about...
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    Another Christchurch quake, NZ

    Reports out for another shake in Christchurch, 5.8 just before 2pm this friday afternoon ( 1hr & 8 mins ago ), a few aftershocks since. thats all I know Edit, two more in the last hour, the last one apparently largest of the three, friday afternoon here, lots of folk doing last minute xmas...
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    Possible option?

    Tripped over this while checking some stuff out this weekend...