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    Manx TT April 2010

    Hey!!! you lot out there - am I the only one doing the best event there is? Yours sincerely, John (potential Champion this time)
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    Octane track day goodwood yesterday

    Just got back from this. Usual set up. 105db 25 mostly classic cars, 5 cars on 15 minutes at a time. Maximum wait 15 mins tops. 3 GT40's , one couldn't get through the noise check and went straight home which was a great shame. I repacked my exhaust and just got through '' I'll let you off the...
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    Pulled by the police today.....

    I wonder how many this has happened to.... Making the best of a late English summer doing 90mph down a dual carriageway in my GTD I saw their car well in advance but they followed me and stopped me. I got out and meekly asked if I had done something wrong. They replied 'oh nothing wrong -...
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    Manx Classic 2008

    Frank has started the ball rolling under the 'GT40 Enthusiasts Club site.
  5. J

    weber rebuild in the UK?

    I've just replaced a weber with a new one which worked a treat. I would like to have the old one rebuilt as a spare (I would guess worn bushes need replacing etc) Anyone know anybody who does this? thanks in advance
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    Good Old Father Xmas.......

    Look what my ten year old got for Xmas. Aren't I...I mean wasn't he lucky.
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    My opinion of the GT40 world so far.

    I have been looking for a car for two years. If anyone is interested here is my opinion so far... The GT40 world is an exciting place full of dangers, great rewards, out and out rogues, really nice people, good business people, incompetent business people and people who I am sure are from a...
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    Must be registered, mot'd, reliable and ready to go. Will go to a very good home! Tel John 01282 871137 but don't tell the wife what you are ringing for.