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    Potential Good News For PBS

    I'm sure many of you will be as happy about this as I am. PBS hopeful for funding increase PBS expects the current White House to be a friendlier gatekeeper to public funding than the previous administration. Paula Kerger, PBS president and CEO, told TV critics gathered at the...
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    I'ld Better Post This Over Here

    I\'ld Better Post This Over Here Thanks, it's good to be back. I was wondering if you were still around Mr. Byrd and I'm happy to see you are. I had been considering buying a new computer for a while since the trusty old Dell PII 400 was approaching 6 years old. I made the mistake of seeing...
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    IMSA's Back

    IMSA\'s Back Not that anyone noticed I wasn't around for a while. Built a new computer and just now got around to entering my favorite web sites. IMSA
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    Ultimate GT40 Motor For Sale IMSA
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    I'm Not Pleased

    I\'m Not Pleased Having a hard time doing without my daily gt40 fix! Good luck with the tech problems. IMSA
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    gt 40 mk IV wheels

    Long time reader but just signed up to correspond. I like the looks of the 'Turbo' wheels the yellow MK IV has in the pictures of a few threads down. Does anyone still make those or are replica wheels available? Thanks!