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  1. ArtGirl

    Need Muffler thoughts

    Hi All, Well things are picking up speed and we need to decide very quickly what mufflers to use for our exhaust so we can get that info back to Fran. The desire is to have the exhaust exit through the back of the race-tail and we're looking for as quiet a ride as possible. Any thoughts on...
  2. ArtGirl

    Need an accomplice in the UK

    Hi All, We're seeking an accomplice in the UK that can maybe help source used/take-off Vauxhall components with which we'd like to try a few things. Send me a PM and we can discuss what we're thinking. Cheers, Ruth
  3. ArtGirl

    New people - Tell us about your AC/Heat config

    For the folks that received their cars relatively recently, tell us about your AC/Heater configuration. I'm curious. . . is it still the VA Gen II mini?
  4. ArtGirl

    Build Manual

    Have there been any meaningful updates since I printed out my copy over one year ago?
  5. ArtGirl

    ISIS - Going beyond standard in a small way

    Taking a look at the updated ISIS manual, we wondered how we'd facilitate an interior light that comes on when entering or approaching the vehicle. Thought about maybe feeding something from the parking light input, which is configured to trigger from the remote, but I'm not sure under what...
  6. ArtGirl

    Steering Wheel Adapters

    Hi there, Trying to distract myself from a rough time at the office, I find myself obsessing over our SL-C project. At the moment its steering wheel options and how to get a functional horn button on the wheel. Feeling bad that I derailed Ken's build thread I figured I'd launch a separate...
  7. ArtGirl

    Transaxle mounting

    Hi all, In anticipation of the transaxle shipping, I've been looking around for pictures of how it is attached at the rear of the SL-C chassis. I've seen some Ricardo pictures, but no Porsche pics that clearly show how it attaches. I'm assuming it attaches to the crossbrace in some similar...
  8. ArtGirl

    Right way to ad pictures

    Hi there, Some folks are able to add picture within a thread that show up nice and big and can be made even bigger when you click on the banner just above the picture. How do they do that? I added a picture by adding an attachment, and only a link appears which must then first be clicked to...
  9. ArtGirl

    Transaxle Oil Cooler

    In an effort to moderate the sudden outflow of money now that this project is picking up serious speed, we're once again revisiting the "needs" vs "nice to haves". The oil cooler that Gbox includes in their package isn't cheap, and I'm wondering if folks think its necessary in an SLC that will...
  10. ArtGirl

    The beast is born

    I didn't see this coming, but we. . .Colin (schills) and I. . . are now officially SL-C people. This project was nowhere, then became reality, quickly followed by cancellation, and then resurrection, all within the past few days. We have a long road ahead of us, and we are taking a path...
  11. ArtGirl

    Tire sizes on standard wheels?

    Hi there, Out of curiosity, and for planning and budgeting purposes, what size tires are folks putting on the standard wheels? Are the 18 x 9.5 fronts a 240, 245, 250? What profile? I assume rear 19 x 12 are 305, but what profile? Cheers, Ruth
  12. ArtGirl

    New to SL-C: PartII

    The journey continues. As mentioned before, I'm interested in building a street-going exotic. Looked at another mfgs offering in the same space and wasn't completely satisfied, so I'm now looking at an SL-C. I see that a fair number of cars have been sold (50+), many (maybe most) of which...
  13. ArtGirl

    New to the world of the SL-C

    Hi there, I'm new to the world of the SL-C and although I said hello up in the Introduction forum, this is my first post in the SL-C specific section. I'm interested in taking on the build of a component car and have spent a fair amount of time surveying what's involved with some of the...
  14. ArtGirl

    Hello Everyone

    This is my first post here and I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. I'm interested in cars. . . always have been. . . and am contemplating undertaking the build of something exotic. I've spent the past several months researching a few of the FFR options, each with their...