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  1. Jkviper

    Registration Dilemma - No engine serial # on receipt

    Del, Howard, totally agree with you on this topic. To me, Montana is a last resort. NJ lays out the safety requirements very clearly, it’s the emissions requirement gets a little gray for post 1969 engines. The inspector in NJ is very very helpful, it’s just clear if you have a pre1970 block you...
  2. Jkviper

    Ken's SLC build thread

    Ken, do you know which intercoolers are going to use?
  3. Jkviper

    SL-C Nose Hinge Group Buy

    Looks great Scott, appreciate you organizing this group buy.
  4. Jkviper

    Bill's CAV #193 Build - Canadian Made

    Good luck Bill!
  5. Jkviper

    Registration Dilemma - No engine serial # on receipt

    Is it possible the stock versions of the crate engines have Vins like the LT4 and 430HP LS3, but not the hopped up ones like the 376/480? Just a guess.
  6. Jkviper

    CamT's build thread

    Well Cam, I think you just convinced me to add a tow ring to my build plan.
  7. Jkviper

    Registration Dilemma - No engine serial # on receipt

    On my LT4 crate engine I have what appears to be a VIN etched on the block on the drivers side above the exhaust manifold.
  8. Jkviper

    FS - New LS3 parts, also a couple misc parts

    Hi, I acquired these parts thinking I would buy an LS3 crate engine and convert it to the shallow Corvette C6 oil sump and low mount CTS-V/ZL1 alternator. Perfect for an SLC project. Here are the parts I have for sale. Would prefer to sell the GM parts as a bundle. Prices are a 25% discount to...
  9. Jkviper

    New RCR 40 Build in Texas

    Congrats on your new project Sean!
  10. Jkviper

    Getting trans plate to align with rear engine mounts

    Scott, Well you have a stressed fit for sure and that is what I am looking to avoid. Even if it’s only to just make it easier to remove the transaxle if necessary. Functionally my guess is stressed or not the trans will be held securely in place. With regard to the engine-trans being on a...
  11. Jkviper

    Getting trans plate to align with rear engine mounts

    It’s debatable if this is a real issue or not. For sure, having the engine their would have helped. For my build I am making it emissions legal and left my engine choice to the very end since it was not clear what would pass NJ emissions. Eventually I chose the LT4 a few weeks before the car was...
  12. Jkviper

    Slc exhaust

    Mario, I found these guys but don’t know much about the company but they have small round Titanium exhaust mufflers that may fit in the SLC.
  13. Jkviper


    Tim, beautiful Daytona. Looking forward to reading your blog.
  14. Jkviper


    One of the best build threads is on the factoryfiveforums, Edwardb does some very detailed build threads and answers many questions. He built a Coyote based Cobra and now building a Gen 3 Coyote. I literally was about to place an order for a Gen 3 Daytona 65 until I saw Stephan’s SLC and you...
  15. Jkviper


    I have followed a very comprehensive build thread and my opinion is it is a nice car. They seem to bring good resale value. The major hurdle is body fitment. Roger Reid on the forum owns one so hopefully he will weigh in. If you search for fasthings on youtube, his GTM build series is worth...
  16. Jkviper

    SLC Body Fitment

    Mike, just an FYI. I was able to purchase extra gelcoat in my color just in case I had some touch ups to do.
  17. Jkviper

    Mark's GT-R Build

    So sad and very sorry to hear this. Rest In Peace Mark.
  18. Jkviper

    Front engine mount modification

    Thanks Howard, I have a request in to RCR to see if I can exchange the one I have. Thanks for the detail on which metal to use. I have a 90 amp mig welder which I would just spot weld and then give it to a professional to weld up.
  19. Jkviper

    Front engine mount modification

    Looking for some feedback from builders who know fabrication. The SLC comes with the standard LS3 Engine Mount. Since I am using an LT4, the dimensions are a bit different. My question is would you modify the existing mount or fabricate a new one. I am leaning toward fabricating a new one...
  20. Jkviper

    Slc builder recommendations

    Fran can provide his phone number, his work is outstanding. I saw the Red SLC LT4 and he can certainly do what you are looking for.