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  1. Mainer

    Purchasing Jim Dunham's GT40

    That is not my Coupe but one that factory Five was backing back in 2007. I have been gathering parts for the GT40 and if all goes well should be racing the Daytona Coupe this fall in Limestone Maine in the standing mile and a half. Regards, Mark
  2. Mainer

    GT40 Exterior Door Handles

    Graham, Have you tried Jay Cushman? Regards, Mark
  3. Mainer

    Jay Cushman.

    I think he is alive and well as I saw him a month ago at a flea market (parts Jumble to those across the pond) Regards, Mark
  4. Mainer

    GT40 chassis wanted

    Rod, I replied to your message. Brian, You are correct it is in Maine. I've been trying to gather correct parts for it for a few years now. Actually just last night missed out on a pair of seats on Evil bay... If all goes well should be able to start on the project this winter. Regards, Mark
  5. Mainer

    Running no wiper?

    Been running the old 52 chevy for years with only rainX it works for rain but not so well in a light mist or at slow speeds. Just be very cautious. Regards, Mark
  6. Mainer

    GTD extra stuff

    Bob, Interested in the 4 hood latches. Regards, Mark
  7. Mainer

    Hammer for knock off's

    I am still waiting to get time to work on my cars but have purchased a 3 pound lead hammer mold. The hammer takes up less space than a deadblow and is fun to make. And with having a mold when it gets beat up it can just be recast. Regards, Mark
  8. Mainer

    Gt40 zf transaxle. case top mount

    Rod, Check with Jay Cushman (Cushman Competition ) Regards, Mark
  9. Mainer

    New guy in Norfolk VA

    Steve, First, Welcome to the forum... I do not have my GT40 done but can tell you that the Daytona coupe is a great traveling car as you can carry a lot of luggage with you verses a GT40 or a Cobra with limited trunk space. Any of them can be built into a great driving car:thumbsup: And most...
  10. Mainer

    New Forum Member

    Bill Welcome to the forum. From a fellow Factory Five Coupe owner also from Maine..... How was the open house? Regards, Mark Maybury
  11. Mainer

    road suspension

    John, Please do not back off the adjusters on the coilovers as all that will do is lower your car. Are you running 17" wheels? if so a change to 15" wheels would make a tremendous difference in ride quality. My dad's Cobra has 17's and the ride is rough but I have 15's on my Daytona coupe and...
  12. Mainer

    Door hinges

    Frank, If you fab up a set of the original style door hinges for a T70mk3b I may be interested in a set as that is one of those items that really has me scratching my head. The continuation cars had a more substantial hinge that looks like half of a stainless steel offset boat locker hinge...
  13. Mainer

    GT40 50th Reunion- CHANGES!!!!

    Yes, This gets me to a free weekend!!!!!:2thumbsup: And maybe out of the dog I would have had to miss the Sunday events due to my son's Boy scout troops car show. There is no short cut from Maine to Virginia but I do know to avoid NY city (I-95) One trip through there with the...
  14. Mainer

    Thought I'd say hi and post a question too!

    Karl, Welcome to the forum. Also, be understanding that some questions are hard to answer with out seeing pictures of the part in detail. Maybe if you posted the question in the motor section you would have gotten a reply? Regards, Mark
  15. Mainer

    corner balancing in the chicago area?

    John, If you talk with the local speed shop they usually know of a few stock car racers with scales that may be able to help you out. Regards, Mark
  16. Mainer

    Hello from an Old Timer

    Paul, Welcome to the forum. Sounds like you have had a long journey with this car. I as well have a project that is in storage waiting for the right time and money to be able to finish it. With the gathering of the GT40's this coming summer hopefully this will get a few people into finishing...
  17. Mainer

    GT40 50TH Reunion!

    Glad to hear this will be happening. I was wondering if there was to be a 50th reunion. What day will the gathering of the GT40s be on? Regards. Mark
  18. Mainer

    Pro comp heads.

    Bob, Bare is the safest bet with those heads as they install very cheap valve train. My step son runs a set of those on his big block powered truck and they make good power for short money. Regards, Mark
  19. Mainer

    Trimming headlight covers

    I also use a large 6" X 48" belt sander but I remove the table and lay the belt horizontal and sand inline with the plexi glass at a slight taper. Remember sand a little and check often as these machines remove a lot of material in a hurry. The other method I use is a jointer but you need to...
  20. Mainer

    Hi, I'm the new owhner of Ward's T70 and parts

    Ron, Welcome to the forum. And on the message you sent me I have the hard top version and I think the door hinges are different. You may want to check with Ron Earp as he has built one of Fran's Lola T70 Spyders. Regards, Mark M