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  1. jac mac

    Making a simple buck or mold.

    If I was to do something like that I would cut cross section formers out of ~15+mm MDF and screw them onto a fullsize lengthwise center line profile and use plastic splines to get the profiles correct, then staple light alloy diamond mesh to those, use inside/outside circlip pliers to manipulate...
  2. jac mac

    Trailer - Need Recommendations / Advice

    Ive a cobber with a single axle version of these, has his Cobra in it under a alloy top cover that works off the trailer hydraulics, no doors etc, just cover operated by hyd rams etc, have a pic somewhere, a bit on the $$$ side but all he needs, GT40 loaded backwards would work fine & these...
  3. jac mac

    Silver Fern GT40

    Alloy mono, Holden( australia ) w/bones & uprights @ front, fabricated uprights at rear, CV half shafts, 351c, Owner built transaxle, Full Cage, F/Glass ex Russ N, Wheels as above post #3. anything else specific just ask!
  4. jac mac

    The New & Improved - Now ONLINE!!!!!

    Seem to be getting loads of Spam in new posts section? Mainly from China?
  5. jac mac

    Custom transaxle

    Resolution V1-2 might be a better idea.
  6. jac mac

    M20 Dreaming

    Had similar here with a Jet Boat, guy rang me one sunday askin if I knew any farmers in area with big tractor, needed a tow, curiosity got better of me & I had to go have a look.... engine had cut out @~70mph and boat ran into some big willow trees, was about 12/15 ft up in air stuck in the...
  7. jac mac

    M20 Dreaming

    That will be a first!
  8. jac mac

    Which Water Pump - 1971 Ford 302

    Why do/did you need water pump to spin up oil pressure?
  9. jac mac

    Silver Fern GT40

    'Minilites' are 3 piece made by NZ company 'Arrow Wheels', IIRC they started out as a small company in ChCh called 'Tafro Eng ', been thru a couple of owners to date. Single seater is another project he had underway for 'Club' type car that was relatively simple to build and could be configured...
  10. jac mac

    Silver Fern GT40

    Some pics of the Graeme Beck built GT40 at last weekends SFOS meet at Teretonga. Gradually getting sorted and driven by his daughter Racheal. Graeme passed away a few years ago with car still on the assembly table and at that 95% done, 90% to go point that many of you will be familiar with. Car...
  11. jac mac

    Classic Car Developments Chassis #3

    Did you buy the 1300 Brian?
  12. jac mac

    Cool FOMOCO advert

    Only name I can come up with after looking at many team pics is 'Jerry Bondio', but thats a pure guess and the pic does not fit with time frame of the advert photo. Im sure the pic is after the Miles/McLaren Sebring Prototype win with #11 as the front winglets are painted whereas they are/were...
  13. jac mac

    Cool FOMOCO advert

    Yes its Ken Miles, had a quick look in library, cant place the other guy though.
  14. jac mac

    Cool FOMOCO advert

    Pretty sure its GT103.
  15. jac mac

    Block ID help

    I would suggest there is a world of difference between what you could bore a block to in 1965 and what you could bore it to after 50 years service in 2019, get it sonic and pressure tested and base your decision on that and how much you intend to abuse it.
  16. jac mac

    01E first and second straight cut gearset

    With regard to helical vs straight cut, I still get a lot of Jerico & Top Loader trans work.. The Jerico obviously straight cut & Top Loader Helical... I was just trying to remember when I last saw a top loader with actual tooth damage, and I cannot!.. Twisted input shafts-Yes...Seized 2&3 gears...
  17. jac mac

    Kiwi scratchbuilt

    I was out n about yesterday & at one of my stops the rumour mill/ gossip line informed me that a transaction has taken place, anyone else here have similar or more definite info?
  18. jac mac

    Classic Car Developments Chassis #3

    Answer might be in 2nd pic of post 211...
  19. jac mac

    A BIG 50

    I was tempted to report that post as Spam..:cool:
  20. jac mac

    Selling immediately after building?

    All the Best to You n yours Howard, happy as can be, so long as I meet up with good folk n avoid the twats of the world!