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    VIN Plates

    Hi Guys I've been off the forum for quite some time and I see personal messages from years past to me asking for VIN plates. I apologize for the no response but I've been out of the country for years. That said - YES, I still make VIN plates for GT40's. FAV, FoMoCo, JWE...all of them. It's...
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    Very Sticky Brake Pedal

    Hey guys, it's been a while. P2133 has developed a sticky brake pedal problem. The pedal doesn't return when pressed and I have to hook the side of my shoe to pull it back. I also notice that when I push the brake pedal, the clutch pedal moves with it slightly making me think the shaft is...
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    ZF Speedo Adapter

    I'm contemplating the use of an electronic speedo. Does anyone know (for certain) what size electronic adapter fits a ZF trany? There are adapters for GM, Chrysler, Ford etc but which one (if any) will fit a ZF?
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    SPF GT Fuse 12 Fix

    See attached documents. The first one is the Fuse 12 fix where the fuel pump circuit fails when the AC blower fuse blows. There are other threads that reference this problem, this is the solution. The second document is a mod to the first one. When Hi-Tech made the Fuse 12 kit, they used...
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    Weber Carb Tuning Tips

    Download the pdf below for some Weber IDA tuning tips from Chuck Schmidt. This thread is a more concise version (no replies) to Chuck's original post on the forum. Thanks Chuck
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    Electric Fittings and Parts Catalog

    Here's another submission from Mike Drew. This is from a company called Polevolt in the UK. This serves as a great reference for electrical bits and pieces uses in automotive applications. Thanks mike.
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    Lucas Fault Diagnosis Service Manual

    This gem comes courtesy of Mike Drew. It is a Lucas (Prince of Darkness) electrics fault diagnosis manual. Indispensable for anyone using Lucas parts. The only reason the Brits like warm beer is because Lucas makes refrigerators.:lipsrsealed::lipsrsealed: Just kidding - my mother country...
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    Weber IDA Cover Mounting Brackets

    Does anyone know where to buy brackets for the Weber IDA carbs as shown in the photo below? I could make them but I'm too lazy. Thanks
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    GT40 Dash Templates

    Alan Snow has made up a great set of dash label templates. Follow the link below: <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"><meta name="ProgId" content="Word.Document"><meta name="Generator" content="Microsoft Word 12"><meta name="Originator" content="Microsoft Word...
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    Lucas C.A.V Ammeter

    Item number: 260383278135
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    Lucas 608 Mirror

    Item number: 260383251549
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    Cash For Clunkers Legislation

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    GT40 Forum Member Paint Codes

    This post is courtesy of Tim Dutton. Tim has amassed a wonderful collection of photos and paint code data from various forum members and collated it all into a single PDF reference document. Many thanks to Tim for this fine piece of work. Contact Tim directly with comments...
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    SPF GT Ammeter Fix

    Some of the SPF 40's have a factory wiring problem in the ammeter circuit that makes the meter read off scale. Not all cars have this problem which leads me to believe it's a QC issue. My car had this problem and I elected to replace the ammeter with a voltmeter as I believe that to be a...
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    Gary kadrmas (kccorral2075) Has Passed On

    I wasn't sure where to post this so forgive me if this is the wrong place. Long time member Gary Kadrmas died Monday morning from a long fight with stomach cancer. I spoke with him just a couple weeks ago and he seemed to be on the mend but things turned against him last week and he...
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    Roll Bar Fire Extinguisher By "Sandy Ganz"

    Roll Bar Fire Extinguisher by Sandy Ganz Go to Sandy's Website for contact info Home of This page is for a project to build your own Roll Bar mount fire extinguisher mount. Simple parts, low cost, and all that stuff. The photo below is the first version I made mounted...
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    Roll Bar Race Cam 'by Sandy Ganz"

    This “How To” is for a roll bar camera mount project submitted by Sandy Ganz. This project was thought of after I purchased a roll bar mount from I/O Port Racing supplies for a bit over 100 bucks. I had one of their other mounts for a camcorder, but it produced poor video with the Chascam...
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    SPF GT Owner's Manual

    For all you SPF owner's, here is the long awaited, much anticipated, never expected, SPF GT40 Owner's Manual. Much of what is in here is already posted elsewhere but this has some new info and it's all in one download PDF.
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    Call For How To Articles

    This is another call for article submissions to the "How To" section of the forum. As anyone can see I have been busy posting articles to this section with a vengeance. Ron Earp tells us that there have been complaints about it being SPF only. Well guys, that's what I own. I can't write...
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    SPF GT Speedo Error / Cable Fix

    The is write-up describes two simple fixes for the SPF GT40 speedo cable and speedo readout error. As delivered, the SPF GT using the RBT ZF trans will read about 82 MPH at an actual speed of 60 MPH. This is because the drive gear that comes with the ZF is wrong for this installation. The...