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    RCR fuel level sending unit specs

    I used those on my GTD, they had to be converted to work with the smiths gauges otherwise they showed full when empty, they are sold by Wema here in the U.K., they did the change for me.
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    GT40 Gold Parts

    He did my Stewart Warner pumps a few years back, the numbers I’ve got 0161 8818786 and mobile 01638 601679, bear in mind this was a while ago.
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    Water proof GT40?

    Mine is also completely watertight, I’ve also been out in torrential rain, not very often I might add.
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    Your first car was a ____________

    1939 Austin 8, all of 24HP, not this one but just like it.
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    GTD Fuel Level Sender

    The mounting hole on each tank is directly above the bottom of the angle in the tank, different lengths of senders are available and mounting has to be adapted also Wema have to reverse the sender electronics to match the Smiths gauges or they read full when empty and empty when full.
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    GTD Fuel Level Sender

    After numerous problems with Smiths senders which use plastic float bearing which seems to be affected by modern petrol because when taken off the tank after a couple of weeks they work fine, I now use Wema fuel level senders converted to work with Smiths gauges, so far fine.
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    Access to Ford v. Ferrari movie

    What a load of Hollywood rubbish, glad I didn’t have to pay to watch it.
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    Merge collector

    Nice one Mark, good to see you and Sam the other Saturday, do keep in touch.
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    No problem Mark, I'm in most days, just give me a call, I'm in Penwortham.
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    Hi Mark, I'm from Preston, I've got a 347 in mine with 48IDA's dynoed at Tim Adams Racing and produced 429 hip, you're more than welcome to pop round and have a look and chat if you want, tel.01772 743654
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    Silverstone classic

    Yes I'll be there, set up Thursday and also Friday, just look at my artwork at Historic car art stand P1 (John Ketchell)
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    Italian Weber 48 IDA x 4

    Price now reduced to £2000, any offers as I do need to clear out the garage.
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    Making a Cable Gear Shift (UN1)

    Keith, I have all the cable and gearshift bits off a GTD in my garage collecting dust, would they be any good to you? If they are email me at [email protected]
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    spinner safety clips

    Phil They are based in the UK, they make them to your specification, this is what I provided, they are very good to deal with.
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    spinner safety clips

    I have a bench pillar drill which I could use but as they are on the car I'm a bit reluctant to go that far. I've tried using a new solid carbide drill with and without hammer action, no effect and as I'm drilling downwards I've got my full body weight on it so the pressure is quite...
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    spinner safety clips

    I'm using a DeWalt hand held drill at slow speed with cutting compound and as much downward pressure as I can muster.
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    spinner safety clips

    I've hade some safety clips made up by D.Faulkner Springs, very pleased with the result but drilling the adapter hubs is proving very difficult, I'm using 4mm cobalt drills, I've managed 3 hubs (2 holes in each) but the 4th is proving impossible, the adapters and wheels are from Vintage Wheels...
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    inlet manifold leaking water

    You're probably right Dave, any idea of thread size on Edelbrock RPM heads and who supplies studs
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    inlet manifold leaking water

    Not too keen on slackening the head bolts, i think it could create more problems than it solves although I welcome your suggestion.
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    inlet manifold leaking water

    Thanks Mike, the heads are Edelbrock RPM and they've been on the car since 2006, gaskets as far as I can remember were the blue coloured Fel Pro ones in fact I can see a bit of the nearside one looking like it's been squashed out between manifold and head, it's as if something's moved,very odd...