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    A 380 Wake Turbulence

    For your reading enjoyment: The Aviation Herald
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    What is this car?

    I like in Oklahoma City, OK and this has been around for while now. This is the first time I have ever been in a position to take a picture of it though. WTH is is?
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    Retaliatory Illumination

    Take that! I Wish This Guy Was My Neighbor... He's Hilarious! - quickmeme
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    Gun Control

    I am posting a link to a rather lenghty read, but it was a bit eye opening for me in some areas. So there is no confusion on my stance I am a gun owner, have a Federal Firearms License and use it to lawfully sell firearms to my friends, and I am opposed to gun confiscation, but not control as...
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    The Need for Speed - The Race to Build The First 300 MPH Car
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    New Zealand rated most peaceful, U.S. 83

    Lanolin, that has to be it!
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    Australian Toilet Tax

    Experts call for end of flushing toilets on World Toilet Day | Top stories | What do you say? :lipsrsealed:
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    Another US Election Quandry

    A video that was forwarded to me over the weekend. I can't vouch for authenticity, but it sure makes you go "huh?" YouTube - Obama October surprise Joey
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    If you had one, would you drive it?

    Just like the title say's, if you had a mid-60's vintage GT40 would you be driving it? To answer my own question, probably not. It would come out of the garage for shows and historics and such, but I would be much better suited with a quality replica that I could drive with pride. I guess I...
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    DC to AC inverters

    All, Looking for an inverter to power a 250W DC pwr supply for a notebook computer. The machine is a beast and truly needs all 250 watts, there is not a DC/DC pwr supply for travel that will even turn it on. Suggestions welcome.
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    NZ, first in creative education!

    Just had to post this after I stumbled on it today. This is creative education at it's finest. Tertiary courses in prostitution possible - 18 Jul 2007 - NZ Herald: New Zealand National news
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    The price of an education.

    First off, cars are just not my middle son's thing. With that said I have made it repeatedly clear that any time that he supects that something is wrong, all that is needed is a call and Dear ole Dad (that would be me) will be there to help him figure it out and fix it if we can. I preach oil...
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    Thanks to mods...

    ...for the fast handling of the troll earlier today. Most people probably never even saw the post that were spammed on the BB this afternoon due to the fine job you do in policing the content. Perhaps the highest compliment that I can give the mods is that they are almost invisible and the...
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    Color Charts

    Looking for a link to a large selection of online chips to start narrowing down a color for an auto.
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    ebay, phishing, and you

    All, Found this news article about ebay and hijacked accounts. Caveat Emptor. - Rogue Romanian Hacker May Be Running Amok on EBay - Technology News | News On Technology
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    UK to US Shipping

    All, I need suggestions on economical means of shipping an engine from the UK to the US. Slow is good, as I am more interested in having it here later than sooner. This will be a Fall/Winter 07/08 project, so I have about 6 months to get it here. Or, if anyone from Warwickhsire is headed to...