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    G86/20 Boxster 6 speed looking for info

    Like i said i am looking for any info on the g86/20 Boxster transaxle how strong is it how durable are they
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    Fiero with longitudinal Audi V8

    Back a few months a go i started putting an Audi 4.2 abz engine in a 88 Fiero Gt T Top car and it has been going great and i just want to share so i will post some of the pictures to date the engine and transmission are all bolted in now it is on to the suspension then the wiring i am...
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    Audi / VW 5 Speed

    Hi i am new to all the Audi / VW transmissions so what is the Best 5 speed that will mate to the 1998 4.2 Audi v8 . what type of mods can be done to it to make it stronger . what is the max torque before it fails
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    0b1, 0b2 ,0b3 & 0b4

    Pleas would like info on these transaxles I like the idea of the forward axle but for ease would more than likely go with the automatic FWD version . what Audi / VW do the come in and what years thanks