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    Something is missing

    Not a Lotus 11, 15 or 17 as they were never made as "left hand drive". Also, why make a replica in such format unless it is for road use??
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    P2334 Breathes!

    Bob, Can I offer assistance? I've been running P2332 for for 18 months Any photos of P2340 Bill P
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    Sports Car Digest Goodwood GT40 Photo Album

    Great link, Glenn. Thank you for posting
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    P2332 on the road

    Well spotted, Pierre-Louis! Only problem is the property has no garage.... Comber is about 10 miles South of Belfast, N.Ireland.
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    P2332 on the road

    Mike, your friends will have make plans to cross the seas to Ireland! Regards, Bill P
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    P2332 on the road

    Thought you guys might be amused by the road name....
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    Goodwood Members Meet March 19/20 2016

    See Race 2 on this link for the entry list,
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    P2332 on the road

    A few extra notes on P2332. The engine was built by Southern Automotive and supplied by Dennis Olthoff. The excellent installation work on engine & gearbox was carried out by Nigel Hulme's Le Mans Coupes Ltd in England with my many questions being answered in a most effective manner throughout...
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    1965 spf gt40 sold

    An SPF GT40 Mk l was advertised and sold recently in the UK for £140k (approx.$200k)............. It was right hand drive with a right hand gear shift
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    Name that chassis...

    The first version of the four cam Indy engines had the exhausts on the outside. See, Quad Cam Ford Development
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    P2332 on the road

    Enjoy building up P2334, Tim
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    P2332 on the road

    Thank you for your thoughts, Guys. The colour is SPF Indigo Blue. I don't have full cage but there's a rollover bar on the engine side of the bulkhead. Intending to compete in some Sprints after a few more test sessions
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    P2332 on the road

    Olthoff 289 engine, 48IDA Webers with RBT gearbox Right hand drive with right hand gear shift 600 miles enjoyed so far!
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    P2334 Shipped!

    Tim, your Mk ll looks great in that colour combo. What engine spec are you planning? Looking forward to more photos
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    Who's car?

    The track is the Oesterreichring, also known as the A1 Ring or Red Bull Ring as shown in the intro, at Spielberg, Austria
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    Superformance GT40 Wiring Diagram

    2014 Mk l GT40s have 8 pin connectors
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    Superformance Forum to be discontinued

    Aw, this was one of the forums on the website I always enjoyed keeping in touch with :sad:
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    Gary, just to avoid confusion - the replays are of the 2014 Goodwood Revival held in September every year on the racetrack, the Goodwood Festival of Speed takes place usually in late June on the hillclimb course at Goodwood House. Thanks for posting the links Bill P
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    Some photos at Kirkistown, N.Ireland in 1984 when owned by John Lees. P1001 was sold for £65000 some 5/6 years later along with a short nose Jaguar D-Type which sold for similar money.
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    Hammer for knock off's

    Thank you, Randy Bill