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    Primer / Paint Blistering Need Help

    hi mitch,..for me this Looks like the last Color demages the primer, wich material you use ??,..what primer??, 1K ??,...and Color is waterbase or base with normal thinner??,...if so,...thinner opend the primer, the only Chance to repair is to Isolate with an ep / epoxy primer, let it dry and...
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    Audi Quattro AWD

    why not Audi?, can use the whole drivedrain from an R8, engine midmount, AWD,...big hp,....aluminium-Chassis,....
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    Mold Foam

    there is a wide range of foams for such a work,..foam must be resin and acetac resistand, so you have no Problem do work with bondo on it,...and it must have a good strange,..shore-harden, can work good with it, most of this foams are ready in plates or blocks, it is called...
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    Sanding and polishing the GT's paint

    what a perfekt work you do,..Looks like glass,..and Looks like the car is all new,...i love such glass-paint-polish Jobs,...perfekt work, gratulation
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    Why this forum is dissapperaring up its own anus?

    reading all this gives the answer,...and i know exactly, some waits to can read a replay to this,... the Explanation is, some see the world only black and White,..all the Greys between does not exist, its easy with opinions, right or wrong,...come in or go out,..this is the badest Point to...
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    Why this forum is dissapperaring up its own anus?

    hm,..sometimes i think some ar out to make a war,...not answer a post is often better than give an answer,...speaking is silver,..not speaking is Gold,...tells me my mother,...some of us are much different from thinking and the way the world shoud go,...and for real,...some of us are since many...
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    Why this forum is dissapperaring up its own anus?

    sorry, but ist not about ---no interest in politics----, is about, Problems are this big that less want to discuse it because the outcoming quarreling about, looks that politics are so stupid in moment that is is a scratch trough the world, with no recip to come together, is the...
  8. J Paddock Politics Thread

    Austrian legislative election, 2017 - Wikipedia some are happy,..some are angry, we get a Koalition between ??, Moment we dont know, Need time to sort out who with who in bed,..., but main-result,...the way changes, i think ??,....i dont know, i am not happy !! ernst,....vienna
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    Not made in China

    the biggest Problem for all this "made in" is,.....what happens if realy all is made in homecountry??,....companys goes to other countrys to can product cheeper,....worker gets outside lesser Money,....some of this is realy scarry products,...other things are wellmade,... but iff you realy...
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    Not made in China

    and so much parts and Tools are labeld as made in USA,...but be producted also in China, do you find the true parts and Tools?? i have a lot of Tools from USA, benders, shears, nibbler,....all labeld with made in USA,...all productet in China !!, can find all this stuff on alibaba...
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    5/8 scale gt40

    do you have a pic from this ??,.....i like this small racecars,.. ernst
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    5/8 scale gt40

    wonderfull to see this scale-body,.....first you must think about what you want or Need,...a full Suspension Chassis??, a scale-down-original Chassis, a nearly correct tube-frame-Chassis??,...or do you want an easy, not so expensive way to build, a cart-frame with some modifications, or a custom...
  13. J Paddock Politics Thread

    i have so many thinking about out elections around the world,....i dont want to step into USA Problems, but i want tell you some Austria, the Country i life, we have the same Problem, or is directly coming over us,...brexit, was the same, many elections or votes are 50/50,, not...
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    Cost of Paint and Body Work?

    easy calculation that works most time demaget or new, Blisters or perfekt , different could be 40 to 80 hours normal time for good or new Body to bring it ready for paint,....40 to 60 hours paint Job,...24 to 40 hours sanding and perfekt polishing if wanted,....40 hours Quality material...
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    Carbon GT mono

    thanks urs to Show us how easy it could be if know what to do right,.....i am faszinated about your ideas and craftsmanship,....realy realy good Job you do,.. ernst vienna
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    ??,..this car has different front-ends??, the firt in the articlel Looks realy modern and i nevver see this before,...the second, Looks like a later 40 nose,..??
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    How to build a Superlite that's actually super-light

    this is not the one and only answer to your question,...but i think, it is the easyest and also cheapest way to reach this here you find all you...
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    TT is on

    to all gasheads,..... if you have time, please look at this Video, a crazy complete lap with Michael dunlop at the TT-race,...... make the Screen big, turn on the Speaker,....and look, try to seat verry good and stable,..... ernst
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    What filler to use on Polyester body

    sorry forgot the link, here Standox - Car Paint - Color Formulations - Accident Repair
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    What filler to use on Polyester body

    look at this site, we use standox since 30 years, some is okay, most it total okay, they have a perfekt spray-bondo from polyester and also verry high filling primer/filler combinations, fast drying, easy sanding, also good ep filler for isaolation from bad-paints like thermopaint´s,.... and...