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    Graziano gearing - part two

    Hi John, A great idea, I'm in. Thanks for all the effort you are going to. Rohan
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    Kevlar and Ceramic clutch packages (group buy)

    John. I'm in for a kevlar unit. Rohan
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    New transaxles for SLC?

    Ed, I know Erik Johnson from The Race Line has done the drop gears on a Graziano box before. He would be somebody to talk to. Rohan
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    M6B Tragic

    Hey Udo, All those years on the tools as a plumber as held you in good stead for making all the angels work. Excellent job as usual. Cheers, Rohan
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    M6B Tragic

    G'day Udo, Fantastic work. Rohan
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    In need of a windscreen???

    Good fined Dave, at least they are available.
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    In need of a windscreen???

    Dave I think Paul at Roaring Forties is getting new tooling made for the front and rear windscreens at the moment.
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    In need of a windscreen???

    Dave unfortunately Protecter Glass Industries ceased making anything to do with auto glass in September and to make it worse they have destroyed all of their windscreen and door glass tooling for of all the cars that they made glass for. They didn't contact any of the companies that they supply...
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    Does anybody know if these uprights ever went into production? Rohan
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    GT90 from ground up

    Des Any reason for not using C5 front? Rohan
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    GT90 from ground up

    Many thanks Des. Rohan
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    GT90 from ground up

    Des, Looks a great project, are you going to use the C4 uprights like in the earlier posts. What uprights / arms on the rear? Put me on the list as well. Rohan.
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    Suspension Parts

    Dimi can you confirm Jasons' e-mail address please. It bounces back. many thanks, great build Rohan
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    bump steer

    Many thanks Jac Mac. Rohan
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    bump steer

    Hi all, The C4 corvette uprights that Bill is using, does any body know the King Pin Inclination of them. I am thinking of using them, so any personal feed back would be great good or bad. Rohan
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    Jim, Iwas at PS engineering last week, I think Phil would be able to help you. He has GT40,Cobra,BRM,Minilites and lots of others. It would be worth while contacting him. Rohan