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    spinner safety clips

    I've hade some safety clips made up by D.Faulkner Springs, very pleased with the result but drilling the adapter hubs is proving very difficult, I'm using 4mm cobalt drills, I've managed 3 hubs (2 holes in each) but the 4th is proving impossible, the adapters and wheels are from Vintage Wheels...
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    inlet manifold leaking water

    I have 48 IDA's and the inlet manifold has started to leak water at the rear left hand side where it meets the head, it looks as if the gasket (Fel Pro) has moved, the bolts are torqued correctly, can anyone help as to what's going on?
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    Stewart warner fuel pump

    I've just bought a couple of 240A-12 Stewart Warner pumps but I don't know what the the inlet and outlet thread size is, can anybody help
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    Weber 48 IDA problem

    I've got petrol seeping from the flange between the carb and the manifold but predominently on the nearside pair, I've replaced the gaskets but the problem persists, any ideas?
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    Knock on wheels

    I have a set of knock on wheels supplied by Vintage Wheels US, they are superb and have been on the car for a few years now with no problem whatsoever, my question is this, which thread to what side should they be, on mine they are left hand thread to right side of the car looking from the rear...
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    Spinner breakage

    I have recently fitted pin drive wheels and today when trying to remove one of the rear wheels one of the lugs broke off the spinner, these are original 'long eared' spinners of some age, it looks like metal fatigue to me, does any one know if this is a common problem with old spinners?
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    15" wheels

    I have for sale 4 Revolution bolt on BRM style 15" wheels, 9" rear 6.5" front, Ford Granada PCD and including false spinners, Gulf colour and could really do with a good clean, reason for selling I have gone onto pin drive wheels Open to any reasonable offers. Please email...
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    BRM wheels for sale

    4 x 15" Vintage Wheels BRM style pin drive wheels for sale. 15 x 8" back spacing 4.25" an 15" x 10" back spacing 3.75" 5 pin drive, 112mm PCD, 2.5" spigot size ( Ford Granada ) Complete with adaptors, lugs, spinners, end caps, valves, everything needed to change to pin drive, painted in...
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    Wheel spinners

    I have a set of original GT40 wheel spinners, I can't work out what thread size they are, does anybody know and also do you think they will fit the Vintage Wheels adapters or the Tornado ones. Any help would be appreciated.
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    weber 48 IDA settings

    I have a 347 stroker engine in my car with 48 IDAs, when set up on the dyno at Tim Adams Racing it ran fine, it produced 429 HP and 446 ibs ft of torque using main jet 150, idle jet 60, air correction 160 and 40mm choke. Since fitting it to the car it has never run sweetly and does seem a bit...