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    Gulf Oil Research (CD) ignition box

    here are more Gulf pictures. The previous pics engine looks like a DOHC with REPCO on cam cover? The guy putting on helmet I think is ED Lother who was from PA and drove AC Cobras and Corvettes. I can only make out the "ED". New post pics upper right has caption "Tyler Alexander director and...
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    494 can am block

    I am not sure but was that the engine used in the Shelby CanAm car called King Cobra? I remember a picture of Mario Andretti looking at his blown up engine and the caption said something about experimental alu Ford engine.
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    Gulf Oil Research (CD) ignition box

    thanks for the replys I found some pictures with this collection of Gulf stuff maybe you guys know who they are and what car that is. It has to have something to do with Gulf I have been searching around the net reading about the GT40s - cool cars!
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    Gulf Oil Research (CD) ignition box

    Hello, I was searching the internet for GT40 Gulf cars and found this site. I have a question about an old CD ignition box I found with some items that came from Gulf Oil Research lab in PA,USA Attached is a picture of a Captive Discharge (CD) ignition box that I believe is...