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    P2332 on the road

    Olthoff 289 engine, 48IDA Webers with RBT gearbox Right hand drive with right hand gear shift 600 miles enjoyed so far!
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    Some photos at Kirkistown, N.Ireland in 1984 when owned by John Lees. P1001 was sold for £65000 some 5/6 years later along with a short nose Jaguar D-Type which sold for similar money.
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    The Castle Inn, Horsham, England

    Hi, a friend sent me these photos of a meeting on 12 April 2015 at the "The Castle" pub. Bill P
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    Campbell McLaren in P1078 at Phoenix Park, Dublin. Ireland in 1981
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    John Jordan at 1968 Phoenix Park, Dublin
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    New member

    Hi Just joined "GT40s", I'm looking forward to interesting discussions and adding any information I can unearth - photographs etc etc. I have been a fan of the GT40 since the 1960s. Best Wishes for 2014, Bill P