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    TT is on

    to all gasheads,..... if you have time, please look at this Video, a crazy complete lap with Michael dunlop at the TT-race,...... make the Screen big, turn on the Speaker,....and look, try to seat verry good and stable,..... ernst
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    fast and furious 6 trailer

    Fast and Furious 6 Bande Annonce VF - YouTube looks fast,....
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    917 kraftwerx in austria

    want to show you some pics from a racingshow this weekend, a verry beautyfull 917 , roadlegal with plates and "autobahn-vignette",....we must pay to ride our highways,... and some beautyfull gulf-cycles,....with elektric motor inside,..... TEAM JUST
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    i am the austrian, building some crazy car´s

    hello and a happy new year to all of you. 2008 ....... a new year, a good year, a better year, .......we will see,......i hope it will be the best !! this was my beginning,.. now the time is right to beginn a build...
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    i am the austrian

    good evening you are right, the gt-40-virus goes trough the world. i am new in your forum and happy to find it, because i had a real dream, my own gt-40. 18 years ago we get 9 kits from gtd, 6 was selling from our companie as kit´s, and thre was build by me, since this time i cannot end the...