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    10E AEK-Z 6 GETRAG - Can anyone identify the port under this goopy mess?

    Hello Everyone. This is a photo of the right side (looking from the rear) of a 10E rebuilt transmission purchased from Advanced Automotion. I asked Scott about this goopy mess and he told me not to mess around with this otherwise it may cause $800.00 in damage. I used to overhaul Chevy 350...
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    Rear lower wishbone dimension (for mock up)

    Good morning. I have searched around looking for Forte' spaceframe rear lower wishbone tubular dimensions un-successfully. Would anyone happen to know where I can find these dimensions? I would like to mock one up our of PVC in order to get an idea of the positioning of my rear uprights. I...
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    Ford Sierra Hub and Bearing for 100mm final flange

    Hello All. I am attempting to source a set of Ford Sierra/Cosworth hub carriers and proper size bearings for my CV drive shafts. These are the shafts I have... FORD SIERRA-WESTFIELD DRIVESHAFT SET & STUB AXLE (100mm) ...and I have seen hub carriers like...
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    Looking for rear suspension a-frame and supporting assembly dimensions

    Happy Weekend Gents, I have searched this forum and Googled a bit but can not seem to find any dimensional specs for the GT40 spaceframe rear a-frame and supporting assemblies. I believe I have what I need for the rear upper, I just need to get dimensions of "mainly" the rear a-frame. But all...
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    Looking for half shaft axles for my Advanced Automotion 01E with 108mm Porsche 930 output flanges

    I have searched around and read through threads and could not find a applicable solution to my problem. I have a rebuilt 01E from Scott at Advanced Automotion and I have opted for the Porsche 830 108mm output flanges. I do know know exactly what uprights and hub carriers I will be going with...
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    GT40 Build - GT Forte' space frame - Question about front suspension

    Hello. I've just started poking around this forum and, I'm a noob when it comes to building kit cars (please be gentle). I've purchased and took delivery of a GT40 chassis flat pack from GT Forte'. Minus the roll hoop and missing horse shoe assembly, the frame is nice and tacked up (I can...
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    New GT40 build - GT40 Forte'

    Howdy. I have taken delivery of a GT40 chassis and have most of it tacked up. Planning on building out a GT40 Mk2. Looking mainly for advice. Thanks :o)