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  1. kgschrader

    Superformance Texas Title?

    Who of you out there has a Texas title for the Superformance? What does it say on the title? As far as I can tell, there are two options. 1) ASVE - Assembled Vehicle 2) Replica Both end up saying the same thing as far as I can tell. There is no way to get the car registered as a 1966 Ford...
  2. kgschrader

    Superformance GT40 MKII For Sale. ***SOLD***

    Editing this on 29 January 2019: I will open it up again and see if I can sell my Superformance GT-40 MKII 2155 I keep getting told the price is too high, so, I'll lower it $5,000 $140,000 Why am I selling it? I have too many other things to work on and I don't pay it justice. I don't drive it...
  3. kgschrader

    Some guys having fun at Goodwood....

    Maybe you've seen this before, but it was new to me!
  4. kgschrader

    A GT40 article

    Don't know if anyone saw this and didn't see another reference to it. Blue collar hero: driving the Ford that beat Ferrari | Cars FWIW, Kirby
  5. kgschrader

    An engine build... Kinda' GT40 related

    Was talking to Mike Trusty and he reckoned some of y'all might be interested in an engine build that a friend and I did for the Pantera race car. I intend to rebuild my GT40 427 Windsor similar to this (especially the valve train) but with less compression for the street. I've never been really...
  6. kgschrader

    What the heck is it?

    I think it's a Fiero based thing... Opinions? Kirby
  7. kgschrader

    A GT40 MkII goes by

    A couple of weekends ago, I took my Pantera race car to TWS for a shakedown. It'd been sitting for about 3-4 years doing nothing prior to getting it and I've been trying to resurrect it... Lots of things to fix... But even after that, three times prior at the track, I had to be towed in. My...
  8. kgschrader

    1083 alive and well at CotA

    Attending the SVRA meet at CotA this weekend. 1083 is here. Dennis Olthoff is here with a MkI, a Cobra and there's a GT350 at his tent, too. Spoke with him briefly. I'll have some pictures later... don't worry. :thumbsup: FWIW, Kirby
  9. kgschrader

    A Texas GT40's event?

    The subject of a GT40's 'get together' was brought up in another thread and Texas was mentioned.... There are quite a few of the cars in the state. I've organized this kind of thing for the Spacecity Panteras club (we've got a damned good club here, in case anyone asks) and could do something...
  10. kgschrader

    Why 180's?

    I was asked a question today that I couldn't answer... Lola's and McClaren's did not have 180's. Why did the GT40 have 180's? Who decided it should have 180's? Wondering in Texas, Kirby
  11. kgschrader

    Some vintage pictures

    Lots of pictures from road racing, drag racing, Bonneville, etc. You will find several pictures of GT40's... Vintage Racing Cars in Kodachrome - Your Contributions are Welcome! FWIW Kirby
  12. kgschrader

    Why my engine went clunk clunk clunk

    Or... Another weak spot on the car? I could hear the engine moving in the car and could see it in the rear view mirror slightly. Checked the motor mount bolts to the block and they were OK. Checked the long bolt connecting the upper piece to the lower piece. It was OK. Hmmm.... so I took...
  13. kgschrader

    Kirby's new toy

    Just picked it up on Tuesday after waiting 10 1/2 months. The shipping stickers were still on it when I first saw it (this picture). Don't know if any of you have one or not, but wow... it's been raining and I haven't been able to push it, but wow... again... Where else on the planet can...
  14. kgschrader

    Can anyone relate to these pictures?

    An English friend I work with here in Houston took some pictures back in September 1971 at the Prescott Hill Climb. Here are the GT40s. The license plates should be a dead giveaway, right? Be aware that he made these pictures from very old slides, so apologies for the quality. Anyone...
  15. kgschrader

    OK, who was it?

    An English friend of mine at work had a ride in my MkII awhile back and he claimed he like it. He just returned from a visit to Australia. He told me they were driving near Torquay, Victoria on the 4th of April when a royal blue GT40 caught his eye as he was going around a roundabout...
  16. kgschrader

    Front sway bar or not...

    On the Jan 2nd, I went to Houston MSR with 2155. I found that I'm rusty as hell trying to drive after too long overseas and no track time. Managed to spin the car on street tires. My fault. I can give you lots more excuses why if you want to hear them, but if you listen to the video, you'll...
  17. kgschrader

    ABS explained

    Hope you enjoy this as much as I did. Merry Christmas everyone! Kirby
  18. kgschrader


    I am not a pilot... What hypothetical scenario, even if they had no or faulty airspeed indication, would cause a pilot to want to climb when he knows and acknowledges he is losing altitude extremely fast and is getting stall warnings constantly? I'm sure we've all been in those trouble...
  19. kgschrader

    15 inch GT40 MkII wheels for sale

    Superformance GT40 MkII wheels 10" wide rear wheels 8" wide front wheels Both are 6 pin drive. These have been on a car briefly and currently have Yokohama Avid T4's (225's) on the front and Hoosier Drag Radials (275's) on the rear. I plan to take the tires (in almost new condition)...
  20. kgschrader

    180 headers for sale

    351W 180 headers as delivered by Superformance with a GT40 MkII. Brand new as shipped, parts never unwrapped. Complete with collectors, mufflers and transaxle bracket. Location: Magnolia Texas Price: $2500 plus shipping (I can supply pictures, if required, but I'd rather not have to unwrap...