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    Chassis options

    I posted before about the body I have, it's very close to original specs. I had planned on building a chassis from scratch but time has not been on my side. I did a little research and it looks like Chris Arden with Arden Cars/Active power will sell just a chassis, as will the following...
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    302 Oil Pan

    The title kind of says it all. What are you using for oil pan for 302? I have a 67 302 out of a mustang and the stock oil pan is pretty deep. Just researching what others have done.. Thanks
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    302 accessory drive

    Folks, What are you using for front accessory drive brackets? I'm trying to scour around for my options. I'll be running an alternator and A/C compressor.
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    Door Hinges

    Guys, researching door hinges. With so many replicas, it's become difficult to internet search pics. LOL. What do original door hinges look like? AND is there a better design door hinge out there if the originals have shortcomings? I mean the GT40 was a race car, I'm building a street car...
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    Guys, Can anyone point me in a direction for a windshield in the USA. My roof is a copy of original. I tried Jay Cushman but he seems to be out of them. Thanks, Bart
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    What are some good sources for Halibrand and BRM "Style" rims in the US? I am thinking about building my chassis. I really need something with 5 on 4.75 pattern. Image in the UK has a number of good looking options but would like to avoid international shipping...... Thanks!!
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    Fuel tank location

    I know the purest are running twin tanks in the rockers per original. What have others done? Is anyone running a single fuel cell? What size and where did you mount it? Thanks, Bart
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    Bartman's GT40 Build

    Well I have collected the body parts including front and rear clips and nostral panel that were used in P1027 as spares to preserve the originals. I also have door spares that were with that car but never used. Jay Cushman has helped me fill in the blanks with nice rockers and roof spider. I'm...
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    Newbie Question on MkI rear

    I have some knowledge about the GT40 and I've ordered a couple of books to try to hone in some details. I have owned a restoration/body shop for nearly 30 years. I've built Cobras and Lambo style kit cars. Anyway, most MKI's have a pair of large tail lights. But a few cars have 4 smaller...
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    WTB Roof Spider

    I am looking for an accurate roof spider? Anyone have or recommend someone? Thanks.
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    Most common wheel tire combo

    Well I have acquired a GT40 body and intend to build the chassis (might change my mind but...) anyway, I have the body and would like to source rims and tires so I can plan chassis. It will just be a spaceframe. Thanks
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    Porsche Boxster Trans

    I apologize if I did not dig deep enough. I went back about 7 pages or so in this section. Why are there not more Boxster 5 or 6 speed transaxles being used. Are they weaker than the Audi?
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    Newbie from South Carolina

    Hi all, I have owned/operated a custom auto shop for many years. I have built a few Cobras, a Diablo, and finished many customer started kits. I am designing a component exotic that is mid-engine powered and just wanted to tap into the wealth of knowledge that exsists here. Maybe even build...