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  1. pjbs

    Mk 1 KONIs

    Help Please, Anyone know the KONI part numbers for the front and rear shocks on a Mk1. They are 8211-13?? Thanks, Peter.
  2. pjbs

    Original Ignition amp

    Hi, Help please , I am trying to sort out which ignition parts I need. I have the Hi Po distributor, Dual Point, I could keep it simple , coil and ballast resistor , or.... Photos of period cars show the ballast resistor , (4 wires), and some show a box similar to the Boss rev limiter or...
  3. pjbs

    Original GT40 headlight adjusters.

    Hi, Can anyone point me to where I can get the headlight adjusters indicated in the photo ? I guess they were standard fitment on a vehicle of the period. Thanks , Peter.
  4. pjbs

    Original Rubber Drive Couplings (Donuts)

    Following a conversation about the prices of reproductions of original GT40 parts, I decided to attempt to make the donuts. I found a couple of experts in their field and between us set about the task. The first batch turned out very well The results in the photos below; !st, and 2nd photo...
  5. pjbs

    My kind of girl

    Stumbled upon this photo....... .
  6. pjbs

    Original Mk1 race car suspension springs

    Hi, Can anyone help please. I require a set of suspension springs for an original Mk1 289 race car. To fit over Koni 8211 shocks. Who is best to supply ( UK preferred) ? What are the dimensions and rates ? Thanks, Peter.
  7. pjbs

    Engine Blue Paint

    Advice please. I have spoken to Frosts this morning inquiring about engine paint. They have 2 products that appear to fit the bill : Eastwood Ceramic Engine Paint Ford Dark Blue 66-80 (946ml) and POR15 Ford Corporate Blue Engine Enamel Paint (473ml) Has any of you used either of these or can...
  8. pjbs

    ZF gearbox clutch lever wanted

    Hi, help please, I am looking for a clutch lever, either original style or one of the Safir type or even a Pantera one which I can work with. Thanks, Peter .
  9. pjbs

    standard 289 sump pan wanted

    Hi, Wanted. Has anyone in the UK got a sump pan surplus to requirement ? Thanks, Peter.
  10. pjbs

    Original Mk1 Starter Motor

    Hi, can anyone advise on the correct starter for the 289 circa 66 I have seen photos of the Lucas push button solenoid mounted behind the Dash, which chassis' had this set up ? I see various starters used on tool room replicas, mostly pre-engage and or geared. Attached photo of what I think...
  11. pjbs

    Engine / gearbox sandwich plate.

    Help please, what is the set up on the Mk1 race cars ? The Parts catalogue shows a lower plate. (part No 1) Is there an upper part to this, I cannot find one, so does the bellhousing bolt direct to the engine ? Thanks, Peter.
  12. pjbs

    original brake pipes

    Help please. I refer to my copy of the Illustrated Parts List, Plate U, it states the front to rear brake pipe is 3/10th , I guess that would be 5/16 ". Those of you who have seen the original cars can you confirm this? Also, if the pipe is 5/16" then the 4 way connector would have the one...
  13. pjbs

    Original Monocoque construction

    I am making the ribs, The drawing 2230 shows the rib width to be 2 .75" for the front 5 pairs, However drawing 22071/2 and 2070 show the width to be narrower , that is 2.5" for the rear 2 pair of ribs . Is this correct ? thanks, Peter.
  14. pjbs

    Mk 1 Pedal Box

    Help Please. What size (bore) are the 2 brake and the clutch master cylinders ? ( single pot calipers as early cars). Also, what size , part number, are the needle roller bearings, there are 7 in total ? Thanks, Peter.
  15. pjbs

    Bell housing/flywheel /clutch etc

    Help please, Who can supply me with a Bell housing, Flywheel , clutch and starter for a 6 bolt 289 , to ZF ? I live in the Uk, thanks, Peter
  16. pjbs

    ZF Transaxle wanted

    ZF dash 2 wanted for my GT40 project , will consider any condition. I live in the Uk. Thanks, Peter
  17. pjbs

    Hi to all.

    I'm new to this site. I'm embarking on constructing a GT40 from scratch. To begin with a replica steel monocoque. So I will be asking lots of questions. Pete.