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    Genuine Mk1 Front Clip & Nostrils

    Re: Original Lightweight Front Clip & Twin Nostril Panel Andrew, Would you e-mail me at [email protected] Larry
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    audi 016 5 spd wanted

    Devin, Try these 2 sites, I just picked one up for $200.00 from Florida. Auto Parts Market and - Used Car Part Search from Hollander a Solera Company Joz
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    Audi gearbox

    Gents, Need a little help. I bought a gearbox from a yard that had a gearbox advertised as a AAZ box. I bought it had it shipped to the house and after cleaning it the code turned out to be different:sad:. Here's whats on the side, 016 301 211L & BDE3 & 16 10 86. If it has the...
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    Batch of Audi 01E 6 speeds

    D. Any idea what you might sell them for? Joz
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    WTB" Audi 016 5N Transmission or R&P

    Ray, I found an AUDI 016 AAZ gearbox using & Mine came from a yard in Florida and it only costs $200.00.:thumbsup: Jozz
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    016 audi transaxle

    Would that pattern be the same for a Audi gearbox with a AAZ code?:thumbsup: or :thumbsdown: Jozz
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    Audi AAZ transaxle wanted

    Dave, What are you asking for the AAZ'z??? Joz
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    Gents, Is there a specific coded 01X transaxle that should be used or any 01X is a good choice?:thumbsup: Jozz
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    dino 246s

    Hey Mr. Eagle GT you still out there? Jozz
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    lsd or not! and if yes...

    If you don't mind me asking what did it cost you + shipping??? Jozz
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    lsd or not! and if yes...

    Adrian, Where did you find the 01X? Jozz
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    I found this tonight and thought someone might help this guy out. Make him a good offer.:thumbsup: Porsche Turbo G50/52 Transaxle Jozz
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    Patrick Motorsports

    Gents, Here is a company that I have not seen mentioned here, ck it out. Patrick Motorsports - Mid-Engine Transaxle Service:thumbsup: Jozz
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    WTB" Audi 016 5N Transmission or R&P

    John, Try using these links and you should be able to find several, - Used Car Part Search from Hollander a Solera Company Auto Parts Market Jozz
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    Are you selling the adpter? Jozz

    Are you selling the adpter? Jozz
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    transaxle question

    What transaxle did the AMC Eagle V-6 Premier have??? Jozz
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    transaxle question

    That is correct, but are there any out there????:) Jozz
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    Porsche Transmission Help??????

    Hugo, I have been e-mailing you to find out how you project has developed. Do you have another address other than 'hugo zubieta pineda'? Joz
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    transaxle question

    Aviatem, Do you know where to find a good Renault transaxle like the R21T? Joz
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    transaxle question

    Gents, More info on the transaxle question, it is a UN5S10 ser #741616. Joz