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    Wheel Bearing Seals / Spindles

    Has anybody ever had a problem with their wheel bearing retaining nuts coming loose? There is a retaining ring with a tab that fits into a slot on the spindle. I have had problems with mine and was curious how commonly the situation occurs. When this happens it usually trashes the wheel...
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    Milwaukee International Airport

    Was curious if anybody knows if the terminal @ Milwaukee International is GT40 friendly? Meaning, do they have speed bumps the size of the Rockies? I'm picking up and dropping off a passenger, not parking anywhere. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, John
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    Sway Bars

    I just thought I would share my plans with fellow SPF owners. I'm in the process of making longer sway bar links for the rear sway bar. This will allow for more adjustment. As many of you have menitoned, they are too short. With repsect to the front sway bar, after giving it much...
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    SBF Accessory Drive

    I know there has been some inquiries about what to use. This what I ended up using. Uses a standard late model Ford alternator, Ford Racing water pump and a Sanden SD7H13 compressor. I choose that compressor since it was supplied with my Superformance GT40. Hope this helps, John
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    Stainless Crossover Headers, CAV 302/ZF

    I have a set of brand new crossover stainless headers for sale. Made by CAV for a 302 Small Block Ford with a ZF. 1 5/8 diameter primaries. Any questions feel free to ask. eBay Motors: GT40 Stainless Steel Crossover Headers GT 40 GT-40 (item 130184510511 end time Dec-26-07 15:12:18 PST)...
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    Oil Pan

    I was curious who's oil pan has been used on the Superformance cars. I know the Moroso and Canton road race pans are 8" tall. The Aviaid GT40 pan is 6 1/2" tall. The Roush pan is made by Canton, but I don't know it's height. I think ERA recommends nothing taller than 7 3/8" Trying to avaid...
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    ZF install kit / RH sill shift pricing

    I was curious if any of those people whom have their, will soon have their or have order their SPF car can answer either of these questions. What is included in the ZF install kit? How much does RHD sill shift options cost? What if any is the price difference between cable or rod...