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  1. Silver66fb

    Capacitance Fuel Probe / Sender

    I've had some trouble with my OEM fuel sender and would like to switch to a capacitance type. Any experience here you can share? Brand? Source? Tips and tricks? Pitfalls? Thanks!
  2. Silver66fb

    Dash Fan Switch - Issue?

    I've noticed in recent drives that my fan switch on the dash in behaving differently than before. When I pull into the garage after a drive, I generally turn off the A/C before stopping the engine. Sometimes rotating the switch to zero turns off the fan and compressor clicks off, but more often...
  3. Silver66fb

    Egelhof A/C Expansion Valve Parts Source?

    Gentlemen, I need a source for this expansion valve, Egelhof No. 321309. I can't find a source or a cross-reference. Any help is appreciated. Tim
  4. Silver66fb

    SPF GT40 A/C Refrigerant Capacity?

    I'm planning to evacuate and recharge. How much to put in?
  5. Silver66fb

    Carburetor Corrosion

    Any carb experts want to analyze what I found in my Holley 4150? It was running really rough off idle, around 1500-2500, with some surging if you tried to hold steady speed in 2nd or 3rd gear. This is the vacuum secondary side. This stuff looked like battery corrosion - very flaky, crusty. I...
  6. Silver66fb

    Custom Vehicle Registration in TX - Warning

    I learned a tough lesson recently. TX Custom Vehicle registration expired 12/31/2017, while the GT40 was down for some work. In March, I took my insurance paperwork to the county annex and asked to renew the registration. Sorry - no longer in the system! 30 days after the Custom Vehicle...
  7. Silver66fb

    Interesting Ignition Finding

    When installing the ignition in my SPF40, we decided to run the coil wire from the starboard mounted coil upward, and into a small, rectangular chassis channel toward the middle of the car. This is the channel that runs across the car, just under the rear window. We saw other wiring running...
  8. Silver66fb

    Explain This Clutch/Transaxle Behavior

    Gents, I have an SPF40 Mark II, with Roush 427SR, Quaife transaxle. I'm using the Quartermaster release bearing (721100 model), from Olthoff. When I really get on the accelerator and while the rpms are relatively high, I have trouble getting the car out of gear with the clutch pedal all the...
  9. Silver66fb

    Dash Touch Up Paint - SPF

    Has anyone had to touch up knicks/dings in the dash. If so, what paint did you use? Thanks.
  10. Silver66fb

    Uh-Oh - My Dealer Is Out of Business?

    It looks like Edland Hi-Performance is no more (Addison, TX). Good thing I got my 40 fairly quickly through them.
  11. Silver66fb

    Fuel Starvation Under Braking - SPF40

    I've read several threads about fuel systems, pumps, swirl pots, baffling, etc. I'm currently running a single mechanical (Carter) pump to the Holley carb on my Roush 427SR. Both the pump and Holley were supplied with the crate engine. My symptom is that the engine has died twice recently...
  12. Silver66fb

    GT40 Switch Label Option

    Just thought I'd add this option for any of you that are looking for switch labels. There is an enterprising young lady named Amanda on eBay that can make circular labels to your specifications. They are inexpensive and easy to install. Here's her link on eBay: amandbol-7 on eBay Take a...
  13. Silver66fb

    P2334 Registered in TX

    After a slight delay with an MSO issue, P2334 is officially titled and registered in TX as a 1965 Ford GT40. I followed the "Custom Vehicle" process from It's three forms, inspection report, photos, certified weight, etc. Overall, pretty painless if you are prepared. One...
  14. Silver66fb

    P2334's A/C Drain

    Gents, My newly serviced A/C works like a charm here in TX. But there's a problem. We took off the front clip last night to realign the front end and investigate the stiff throttle pedal. When I loosened and moved aside the A/C unit to access the pedal box, a good amount of water spilled...
  15. Silver66fb

    P2334 Passes TX Inspection Today

    Kudos to Monkey Mug Performance in Houston for knowing about the TxDMV Street Rod registration process and making the inspection so smooth! On to registration and plates!
  16. Silver66fb

    SPF Seat Rivet Came Out

    One of my seat rivets came apart on the driver's side. :sad: One half of the rivet is trapped under the seat cover and the other is loose. If I remember correctly from the "How It's Made" television series, the part of the seat that is riveted is simply a wide strip of material, glued to the...
  17. Silver66fb

    Hydraulic Release Bearing Problem

    Drove the car to be inspected Friday. The car was running and feeling great - no issues or warnings. I was feeling like all the waiting for title and registration was about to end. After I found out the shop couldn't do the "ASE Certified Master Technician" work required by Texas, I hopped in...
  18. Silver66fb

    SPF Tie Rod End Replacement Part

    I may need a replacement tie rod end. Does anyone know what SPF uses? Thanks!
  19. Silver66fb

    Parking Brake Adjustment

    Can someone please confirm my theory that the parking brake is adjusted at the handle, inside the cockpit? I have the Wilwood 4-piston calipers installed by Hi Tech. Thanks.
  20. Silver66fb

    Quaife and SubFrame Interference

    Can someone please confirm that I have to modify the rear subframe in order to fit it over/around the Quaife gearbox? I believe I have to cut the top, horizontal crossbar away between the two rails. See pic. I have measured the distance between the top and bottom crossbars and they are...