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    Audi gearbox

    Gents, Need a little help. I bought a gearbox from a yard that had a gearbox advertised as a AAZ box. I bought it had it shipped to the house and after cleaning it the code turned out to be different:sad:. Here's whats on the side, 016 301 211L & BDE3 & 16 10 86. If it has the...
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    Gents, Is there a specific coded 01X transaxle that should be used or any 01X is a good choice?:thumbsup: Jozz
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    I found this tonight and thought someone might help this guy out. Make him a good offer.:thumbsup: Porsche Turbo G50/52 Transaxle Jozz
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    Patrick Motorsports

    Gents, Here is a company that I have not seen mentioned here, ck it out. Patrick Motorsports - Mid-Engine Transaxle Service:thumbsup: Jozz
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    transaxle question

    Gents, Is this Renault Master Gearbox Transaxle 5spd 2.5D a good candidate for mid-engine use????:laugh: Joz
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    transaxle question

    Gents, Will this transaxle work in a mid-engine application, PORSCHE 924 Turbo GEARBOX, ZF Dogleg (931) Transaxle? Joz
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    Could some one tell me the web address for Ebay in Germany. Joz
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    1987 Audi Coupe GT 5 Speed

    Gents, Will a 1987 Audi Coupe GT 5 Speed be a good unit to use in a mid-engine set up? I am waiting on the codes from the owner. Joz
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    Audi 2.7 Tdi Fwd 6 Speed

    To All, I was wondering if the Audi 2.7 Tdi with the Fwd 6 speed transaxle is/was sold in the US? Joz<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
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    Eric, You sent me the message below several weeks ago and you have also told me that the codes on an Audi box are located on the top front. My question is, "Are all the codes that are, underlined below, on that flat space on the top of the box and if not where?":huh: "I would recommend...
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    Audi Deisel

    Gents, Are any of the Audi Deisels cars being sold in the US? I have not been able to locate any of them so I can get the 01X box. Mr. Ali Grey I finally called Jerry Janzing and he gave me some really good info. For my use he said that the Audi 5000S non-Quattro 5N is what I should go with...
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    New engine info

    To All, If you have not seen this web site you should ck it out. It has some great engine set ups and one I know some of you in this club will really like. 4.6 4V Webers:thumbsup: Joz
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    LS1 adaptor to Audi transaxle.

    Gents, There is a individual her in the States that has just started selling a LS1 engine adaptor to the Audi transaxle. The kit will include the adaptor plate, starter, custom flywheel, throwout and pilot bearings, and the bolts. If anyone is interested let me know. Joz
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    transaxle info

    To All, It seems I posted this in the wrong area the first time, sorry. I found this item on eBay and I was wondering if it is worth the price considering whats wrong with it, advice/opinion:D???? This is a very low milage (less than 20K on a rebuild) Porsche 5 speed transmission removed from...
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    transaxle price

    To All, I found this item on eBay and I was wondering if it is worth the price considering whats wrong with it, advice/opinion:D???? This is a very low milage (less than 20K on a rebuild) 5 speed transmission removed from a 1980 911SC targa . The fed-ex guy dropped it while loading it onto...
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    All wheel 016

    To All, I just looked thru the files and could not find much on using a all wheel 016 transaxle in a mid engine set up. What is the groups opinion??? Thanks Joz
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    UN1 Info

    To All, Recently I located a UN1 at what I think is a very good price of $400.00:). The owner says it shifts fine and its in good shape. I asked for the serial number and allhe could get of the transaxzle is this nymber, 7700598990. What kind of info, if any can I get from this...
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    UN1 Transaxle info

    To All, I hope the attachment came with the e-mail, if it didn't I'll try again. Let me know. Joz
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    Gents, I have been a member for a while, mainly getting an education from all the members. I must confess my dream car is a Magnum GT, built after the Dino 246GT. Attached a few pix of the car, chassis, carbs and wheels. I do share alot of the same problems you guys do with your 40's. So...