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    A/C will not work

    Been working trying to resolve an issue with the Vintage A/C unit is not working. The A/C clutch is not engaging and the Infinity Rear power cell light number 10 is not appearing when power is supplied. I have checked for the Inverter in the wiring for the fans control and it is there. I tried...
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    Aluminum mesh

    What mesh should I used to cover the airbox and the side inlets? Part number and where to purchase would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Heat shield bracket

    Anyone have a heat shield bracket for the Graziano they want to get rid of? I took mine off and can't find it. It's the bracket on the driver's side of the Transaxle. Thanks
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    LS3 525hp

    In the March Car and Driver there is a good acticle on a Mazda Miata with the LS3 engine. Very tight fit. In looking at the cold air tubes there is only 2 90 degree silicon tubes. Could there be a different throttle body not requiring the 10 inches for the installation of the mast air sensor...
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    Before I started the SLC, the KOSO unit was working normal. The turn signals, high beams and I could set-up the engine parameter. Since, the start, the KOSO goes through it start-up function then it just shutdowns. I have checking the 12volt and the ground connections and the KOSO is getting...
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    Priming fuel system

    I am close to starting my SLC and would like to know if there is anything I need to do to prime the fuel system. I have the typical high and low fuel pumps and the swirl tank.
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    Graziano transaxle fluid

    Can you tell me what transaxle fluid I should be using in the Graziano transaxle. I am sure it's been discussed but can't find it. Thanks
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    Engine Pre-lube

    Does any one know what the plug dimension behind the alternator for pre-lubing an crate GM LS3 480HP is? I thought it was 14 MM but the socket Allen wrench to take it out is 17 MM. Thanks
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    Mast Air Flow Sensor

    Background, I have a GM crate engine and their wiring harness. I when to plug in the MAF sensor and the wiring connector has a different plug. The plug is too big for the sensor. Another quality issues. Has anyone had this issue and if so can you tell me what MAF sensor I should use. These...
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    Graziano transaxle retainer clip

    Does anyone know the part number for the shift cable retainer clip on the Graziano transaxle? It's must be a small "C" clip. It holds the cable on the transaxle.
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    PCV plumbing

    On the LS3 passenger side there is a uncapped tube I believe is part of the PCV system. Should his tube be capped, plumbed into the Cold Air tube or plumbed into a oil catch can then into the Cold air tube? Please advise. Getting near to hear noise!! Thanks
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    Honda S2000 push button connector

    Does anyone know of a female connector with the five pins for the Honda S2000 push button start switch? If not, for those who have the button, how did you wire them. Also, can you tell me which pins you used. I believe you would wire the ISIS power to #4 and ground to #5 looking at the back...
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    Push Button Starter Switch

    For those using a keyless push button starter switch, what switch are you using?
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    Dash Installation

    To fit the dash around the rollbar, I cut the corners off the dash. Now there is a big area exposed to the chassis. If I fiberglasss the pieces I cut out in place I won't be able to take the dash out. Looking for suggestion.
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    Bulkhead connectors

    Just a heads-up on the bulkhead connectors. I found two wires out of place on the connectors. The pink and tan wires were mis-pinned to the male/female connectors. This would have affected one of the fans and the hydrualic pump.
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    Air Deflector

    I am waiting for my fan shroud to be completed and was wondering if a air deflector would help in deflecting the hot air away from the cockpit. I made a deflector out of a piece of scrap sheetmetal that the shroud is being made from. Since my battery is mounted in the front of the vehicle...
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    KOSO Fuel Level

    I have been looking for a 5000 OHM-1/4 watt resistor to work with the KOSO Dash Meter. I have found 1/4w 5100 ohms resistor and a 1/4 w 4.7K ohms resistor. Can any of these work?
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    NRG Quick Release

    Can someone confirm that for the latest steering column supplied by Fran these are the parts required Quick Release SRK-250-BK (black) and for the short hub SRK-170H. The column is non power, tilt only. Thanks
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    Steering Wheel to seat alignment

    Working with the driver's seat I noticed the steering wheel center is off by 2 to 2 1/2 inches to the right from the center of the seat. I have the seat as far over as possible to the shifter. These are not the gentlemen seats. Should I try to move the steering column? I believe it may throw...
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    Wing mounting with race tail

    I need a picture of the top brackets for mounting a fiberglasss wing on a race tail. I have the uprights installed but need a picture of the brackets to the wings and how they are mounted. The wing is the newer style and Allan's video has the old mounts.