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    NZ GT40 Register - numbers so far

    As some of you may know, I have been collecting information on all GT40's in NZ. I began this in March 2020. It's actually been very rewarding making contact with the owners. There's such a wealth of scratch-built talent here in NZ. Here is the breakdown so far Total cars = 25 Consists of...
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    Database for all GT40s in NZ

    Hi everyone. I have for a while now been compiling a list of GT40s in NZ. If you have a GT40, be it an unfinished project, a track car, or a registered car, I would love to hear from you. I’m only really after 6 items, being a name, a general area or city, MKI etc, motor, trans, and a photo if...
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    Ford GT40 Heffner GT-1000 vs Lamborghini Murcielago LP640

    A little video from youtube. Ford GT40 Heffner GT-1000 vs Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 - YouTube Foreign soundtrack. I'd be interested to know what they are saying. :thumbsup: Cam
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    Chris Amon Festival - Hampton Downs - NZ

    Just a quick message to fellow Kiwis that there will be some GT40s at Hampton Downs for the NZ Festival of Motor Racing celebrating Chris Amon. It takes place this weekend, 21-23 Jan 2011, and again on the following weekend, 28-30 Jan 2011. I reckon last year's event to celebrate Bruce...
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    I fought the Law

    and the law won... Anyone else drive their Ford GT like this? YouTube - Cops Chase Ford GT Cam Auckland, NZ
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    Can't find 917 thread

    Hi All There was a thread regarding a 917 for sale, and I now can't find it. Maybe the car sold and the thread has been removed? If it still exists can someone point this computer-challenged kiwi in the right direction. Thanks Cam Auckland, NZ
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    Beach Hop NZ March 2010

    I am off to the Beach Hop in a few hours. For anyone looking for an excuse to come to NZ, the Hop in March is worth a look. 5 days starting today celebrating the cars and music of the 50's and 60's. There are about 1100 classic cars entered into the event and approx 2000 - 2500 other...
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    I told you Kiwis can Fly!

    A little video on Youtube about a clever kiwi with too much time on his hands. YouTube - The homemade flying hovercraft Cam Auckland, NZ
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    Hampton Downs Festival of Speed January 2010

    I attended the practice session today for this weekend's event at the new race track near Auckland, called Hampton Downs. Please forgive my unprofessional photography skills in the photos that follow. Photos 1+2 1950 Maserati Tipo 8CLT/50 Photos 3+4 Cooper 500 Mk6-1V-52 Photos 5+6 1961...
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    Bailey Edwards GT40 video on Youtube

    For anyone interested I found this video on youtube which I had not seen before. I love the bit at the end when he gets out of the car. The audio lags but the video still makes for a good watch. Cam Auckland, NZ YouTube - Bailey Edwards Cars gt40 test drive.wmv
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    Greetings from NZ

    Hi from Auckland NZ. I have been a member here since last year and read the new posts every day. And after reading most of the build logs I feel pretty bloody inadequate to be honest. My biggest sense of achievement is successfully tightening the fan belt on my wife's car. I've been dragged...