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    Lucas toggle switch mom/off/mom?

    Looking for help here. I want a lucas switch as topic, but having a hard time finding it. It is gonna operate the electric e-brake, and it have to be momentary for the IVA.(stupid rules)
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    Electric gauge, smith instruments vs MSD 5520

    Hi, I might have a problem on hand here, i asked smith how to drive their GT40 spec tacho gauge, and the answer seems to be that MSD 5520 make to large of a signal voltage and it just swamps the gauge and it drops down to zero instead. Since this seems to be a theoretical problem so far (since i...
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    Trinary switch wiring?

    I bought an std aircon kit from But the wiring, is it actually as described on the homepage? Because the industry standard seems to be that the blue wires switches the compressor on, and not the condensor fans... Can...
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    Wiring diagram, any standards?

    Hi, I am about to start planning the wiring loom for the car excluding the engine wiring that will be a separate loom directly from the engine management system. Any standard looms documented that i could use as a starting point and modify to get a complete picture? (Looms for gt40 replicas that is)
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    Sound deadening or not?

    Hi, i am at the stage where i have started the paneling of the chassis. What are the experience from the people out there that have finished builds, does deadening the cockpit do any good, or is it wasted weight since the engine will be so loud anyway? Will coat the wheelarches with rubber on...
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    Wiper arm length, sweep and orientation

    Hi, i am about to order parts to get the wiper installation going. I have measured that i have an area of 170-630mm that the wiper kan work on atleast, wich should result in a 400mm arm, and 450mm blade. But i still want to ask you other builders here what length combination you used, and more...
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    How to mount the door striker plates?

    Hi, i have bought Morrison striker plates and made my own pin on the lathe to fit the locking mechanism. Now i am wondering how to utilize the springreturned wedge(no better word for it?) It doesn't seem to be able to use it for making the car "pop" the door as initially though it should be used...
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    Calculating size of ITB?

    Hi, i'm trying to get my head wrapped around how to calculate a good size on the ITB's i want to install for my future 347 stroker (Ford smallblock stroked) Aim is 600+BHP N/A tuned. I want a fast responding throttle, and therefore i don't want to oversize so the respons feels slow. I have seen...
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    Storing bodyshell?

    I need advice on how to store the bodyshell. More specific the front and rear clips. They are currently resting on the chassi, but since i lack the extra space in my garage to simply just put them on a empty space on the floor, i need some more creative solutions. Apparently hanging them on...
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    Rear trailing arms and upright geometry?

    Been a long time now since i last posted here. I'm trying to get the rear suspension together on paper before i manufacture it. What i can't figure out is how to handle the type of suspension. Should i see the trailingarms as an extension of the wishbones and thereby make them equal length...
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    Colorcode GT720 mirage orange?

    As topic, what colorcode is the Ford GT720 mirage in orange? The color would really make a GT40 replica for me :) Seen CAV version in orange too that i think is the same color. Any insight here?
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    Drawings for sbf to audi 01e transmission

    Hi there, I'm looking for drawings on engine adapterplate, flywheel and centerbearing holder to mate a smallblock ford engine with audi 01e gearbox. I know there are several suppliers out there as well. But i want to be able to make it myself with the help of tested drawings that work...
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    3d CAD tool, wich is the best suited?

    Hi, i'm about to start my project soon and want to be a step ahead and get started with the design of the frame and suspensionparts asap. This means i'm looking into what programs are the easiest to draw tubular frames in and also engine parts and suspension parts. Best i found so far that...
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    realistic build cost?

    Hi! I am planing my GT40 build atm and want to hear from people who have finished or are nearly finished with their scratchbuilds what the final cost of the build landed on. Please tell me a little about the finished car so i can get an idea of how much was sourced from suppliers and what...