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    Chassis options

    My front and rear clamshells were racing spares for P1027 (and were vintage raced on the car). While just a copy of the originals from 1027, I really don't want to modify them to fit a chassis. I'll modify the chassis to fit them. But options for a chassis seem pretty limited.
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    Chassis options

    I posted before about the body I have, it's very close to original specs. I had planned on building a chassis from scratch but time has not been on my side. I did a little research and it looks like Chris Arden with Arden Cars/Active power will sell just a chassis, as will the following...
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    302 Oil Pan

    The title kind of says it all. What are you using for oil pan for 302? I have a 67 302 out of a mustang and the stock oil pan is pretty deep. Just researching what others have done.. Thanks
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    Bryan I have a body already and looking at chassis. I bought plans from Active Power that uses...

    Bryan I have a body already and looking at chassis. I bought plans from Active Power that uses Corvette suspension but I am now concerned about footwell space based on the length of the front control arms. I'm considering buying the GTForte flat pack and suspension components and was hoping to...
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    New GT40 build - GT40 Forte'

    I was interested in reviewing what you did but I couldn't get the site to load. I just got to a default website saying the domain was registered.
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    Congratulations!! Well Done.
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    Bartman's GT40 Build

    I have been slowly working on things, mostly planning unfortunately. Business is down so play money is not as good as it was. Since these panels were spares copies from an original car, they seem to be very accurate. They were supposed to be produced from molds off the original parts from the...
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    New Carbon GTV8

    Merlin, did you cnc the body from a model or did you build it by hand, ie cross sections, clay, etc? Thanks, Bart
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    Merlin are you making the GT with carbon tube to sell or is this a one-off project? If it is a...

    Merlin are you making the GT with carbon tube to sell or is this a one-off project? If it is a one-off, will you share info about carbon chassis lay-up and body? Did you model and CNC cut body? Thanks Bart from USA
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    Alans Scratch build

    I'm working on building a GT40 as a gift to my father in law and it's on a tight budget, very tight. I too have Chris' chassis plans. I had not considered using corvette rims or aftermarket rims for corvette. What did you use, are these from a standard C5 or Z06?
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    Ferrari Powered GT40

    Troy can you share a little info on your rim and tire choice? I see early pics with knock offs then late with MOMO lug rims. I'm in early stages of planning a somewhat conventional build that I plan to use Corvette C6 arms and uprights and have not decided on rim and wheels yet. Thanks and...
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    Thanks Charlie. I just got back around to revisiting this thread. I'll have a look. I may go with the wide rear so may go to 12 inch wide on the back. I intend to use C5/C6 brakes so I'll be in 17's as well.
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    302 accessory drive

    Thank you for the reply and link. Are you using a stock water pump or electric?
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    Thanks, I'll follow up in a few
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    302 accessory drive

    Folks, What are you using for front accessory drive brackets? I'm trying to scour around for my options. I'll be running an alternator and A/C compressor.
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    Hey bud, just checking in to see if it fit. Thanks
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    If you don't mind me asking what is F5 charging for windshield?
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    Jay was my plan as well but he has not returned my call or text...
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    the design of the front and rear upright for a GT40 MK1

    Thanks. I have a set of the original blueprints that were circulating a while back saved somewhere. I'll dig up and compare.
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    Door Hinges

    Thank you guys. Interesting that it's just a rod bonded into the door. I see several of the kit manufacturers using the rod ends.