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    SLC stolen/recovered. Owner charged with insurance fraud

    Ouch! Sports car found after being reported stolen - South Australia Police News
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    Driving impression - difference between RF1 and RF2?

    Hi, I've done some online searches and haven't come up with a clear picture about what was re-engineered from the old RF to the new RF, other than replacing the cast front uprights with newly manufactured ones. Is there much of a change to the feel of the car (and do those with earlier cars...
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    Albins 6 speed sequential

    After seeing the monster SL-C that RCR Australia are building, I wonder if anyone else is investigating the possibility of using the Albins 6 speed sequential trans. I just found one for sale for $15K AUD. I'm not connected to the sale. If you look at the bottom of the Ebay advert (in the...
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    RCR SLC for sale (abandoned on the sidewalk???)

    I had to laugh at the comments from the guy selling the unfinished (unstarted?) SLC on Ebay: Replica/Kit Makes: eBay Motors (item 170550444150 end time Oct-15-10 20:08:21 PDT) In the Questions and Answers at the bottom of the page: Q: The kit cost from RCR is $44K what did...
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    RCR T70 weight vs RCR GT40 ?

    Fran, have you had a chance to weigh the body/chassis units of both cars to have an idea of what the finished weight difference may be. I've heard the T70 body design could allow it to be quite a bit lighter than the GT40.
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    More leg / headroom in GT40 or De Tomaso ?

    While I'm aware of 6ft plus drivers fitting in GT40s with the help of adjustable pedal boxes, dropped floor, no seat runners etc, space is realistically pretty tight. Do the Panteras offer more or less leg and head room? I've been offered one for a price that's hard to refuse, and I'm...
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    GT40 1034 & 1109 at Speed on Tweed

    It was great to see both 1034 and 1109 at the same event this weekend. What a fantastic weekend ! Shame the replicas weren't allowed to enter this year though....
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    Saw my first Lola T70 last weekend !!! Shame it crashed....

    The annual historic race meeting was held at my local racetrack last weekend. The highlight was undoubtedly the appearance of a Lola T70. I've always wondered how they'd look (and sound) blasting around a racetrack, and now I know. I WANT ONE !!! In the last race, the owner spun the car in a...
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    DRB GT40 with 335/35 tires

    I saw Tim's beautiful DRB for the first time since he had the wide rear arches fitted. 17x12" with 335/35/17 tires looks fantastic!!!!!
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    Safir have trumped FoMoCo....

    This may be old news, but a magazine today mentioned that Ford cannot call their new car the GT40, as Safir in Ohio have had the trademark for "GT40" for the last few years. Apparently, Ford have not even offered to buy back the trademark off Safir.... Any further info about this crazy...
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    I've found a cheap RF GT40 - can you U.S. guys legally drive a RHD GT40 replica?

    I\'ve found a cheap RF GT40 - can you U.S. guys legally drive a RHD GT40 replica? The reason I ask is that a beautiful factory assembled Roaring Forties car has been advertised in a magazine that came out TODAY at a big discount to his previous asking price. I've seen the car at a Sports Car...
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    Welcome Peter Ransom - manufacturer of DRB GT40s!

    I just noticed that a manufacturer has signed up for this forum without so much as introducing himself There are a couple of people over the years with whom I've had the pleasure of discussing the technical and engineering aspects of Cobras and GT40s. The man that stands above them all is the...
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    Photo: 6'5" + GT40 = !!!

    Photo: 6\'5" + GT40 = !!! This is what happens when an ex basbetballer tries to fit in a GT40!!!
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    Some GT40 photos from Australia

    I've been mainly lurking about without posting, but I have a few photos that you might like: This one has a 4.6 modular motor and Porsche transaxle. Craig