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    This is my old GTD that I built ,I found out it went up for auction. I was wondering if anyone knows who bought it or where it went to? I'd love to connect with the new owner and find out about how things are going with the car. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Bob...
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    Wanted: pin drive

    I'm looking for a set of 17 " pin drive wheels if anyone has a set for sale or knows of one please PM me. Thanks, Bob
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    GTD extra stuff

    Ha Again, I said I was going to clean out the garage so here is what I didn't use when I built my 40 anything on the table $5 or best offer. Most anything I can ship in small flat rate box about 15 bucks. Thanks, Bob PS all of this stuff is new never used
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    GTD Radiator

    Ha All, I'm cleaning out the garage and want to give this a good home if anyone is interested its the original from my GTD in good working order I just have no need for it $ 100.00 plus shipping, thats going to be expensive for you so thats why its only 100 bucks. contact Bob here
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    Spax shock parts

    I have a set of 4 Spax shocks for parts if anyone wants them just cover shipping costs and there yours! Thanks, Bob
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    Stewart water pump

    I also have a like new inline water pump for sale. I originally had planned to run this alone on my car but after lots of problems ( not with the pump) but with my plumbing skills, I went a different direction. The pump has about 3 to 4 hrs. on it max and flows 55 Gal. per min.the model # is...
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    GTD Radiator

    Ha All, Spring cleaning time, this is the original radiator for my GTD, the reason I'm selling it 1 its to small for my engine,2 I just plain and simply wanted an alum. one. The radiator has been flow tested and is fine no problems, the stainless fan shroud comes with it if you don't want it...
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    calipers and rotors

    Ha All, I just finished a complete brake upgrade to my GTD and now have the complete set up that came with my car If anyone is interested in any of it please make me an offer! of coarse plus shipping cost. Thanks, Bob
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    GTD for sale *SOLD*

    I have finally decided to sell my GTD GT-40 MK 1 It now has over 1000 Miles on it and everything works fine. The chassis # is1986 the description below is every thing that I did to the car. I would also like to thank everyone who helped me on the forum especially Frank Catt for working out my...
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    UN1 shaft mirrors for sale

    I was cleaning the garage this weekend and said it's time to sell a few things that I don't need so here they are: 1 set of new bullet mirrors $50.00 +shipping 1 UN1 input shaft with 1st and 2nd gear set $350.00 +shipping shaft is in excellent condition 1st gear is3.36 to 1 37 and 11 tooth 2nd...
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    Cooling problem

    Ha All, Would anyone have a drawing or sketch of a cooling system that uses an inline electric water pump. I'm using a Stewart water pump and I'm having some over heating issues and I would like to make sure I have it plumbed right. I've tried bleeding the system several times, changed things...
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    GT40 weights

    Ha All, I was fortunate to have the chance to have 3 GT40s in my driveway today. Two fellow GT40 owners that I know came over to have there cars put on the scales that I borrowed for the weekend. I am posting the pictures of the 3 cars in my driveway and here are the results of the weigh in...
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    GTD chassis #

    Ok, I sanded down the hole front cross member on my GTD to find the chassis number, after looking through all the threads I could find on the site about this subject. I found nothing there, any ideas guys? I am the 3rd owner of this car as far as I know. My main objective is that I am going to...
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    GTD E-brake

    Ha All, My GTD came with only one side having the E-brake set up complete, and I want to set mine up to have it on both sides. Presently the left rear has it and the right rear doesn't. Would anyone have lying around the spring and bolt set up as shown it the pics attached for the right rear...
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    A Christmas Present

    Ha All, I thought some of you guys mite get a kick out of this, this was one of the things I got for X-mas this year. I think its the coolest thing even the lights lite up when you click the mouse. Happy New Year to All, Bob
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    Water Temp. Sender

    Ha All, Where would the best place be to mount my electric water temp sending unit on my 302 ford. Any help or opinions would be greatly appreciated . Thanks, Bob
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    Un-1 lsd

    Does anyone have an LSD for a UN-1/369 box that they would like to sell, I would like to add one to my trans before I assemble it for the last time to go into the car. Please PM me . Thanks, Bob
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    Renault trans ID

    Hello All, I would like to pull some knowledge from the great health in the forum here. Can anyone tell me what trans was used in a Renault GT turbo from the years 85-96. My hope is that it was a UN-1 but I'm not sure on that, could anyone give me some insight on this matter. Thanks, Bob
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    New Toy

    Ha Guys, Check out the new addition to my garage shop, this is a 3HP variable speed mill with a DRO on it, time to do some work! See Ya, Bob
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    Clutch fork arm

    Hi All, I am in need of a clutch fork arm for a UN1 trans, does anyone have one they are willing to part with. Please PM me with the price if you have one. Thanks, Bob