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    A Tribute To My Son

    My son at 32 years of age just passed last Monday in a drowning accident. He was a kind hearted soul willing to help anyone. I never saw him raise his voice in anger. He was thoughtful and articulate. He was interested in many things including my crazy GT40 endeavor. Now that seems...

    Vintage Pictures

    Hello All, I've been searching for a picture I've seen of an early Ford Econoline van pulling a trailer with one of the prototype GT40s. Can anyone refer me to a book that has that picture or does anyone have a copy of that picture? Thanks, Pete

    Ricardo trans and spacer plate

    What would be the affect of not using the .100 spacer plate /dust shield between the block and tranny while using the stock clutch and throwout bearing? Does the throwout bearing end up riding the clutch IE keeping too much pressure on the pressure plate? Any information would be helpful. I'm...

    Stillen Performance

    I want to tell everyone my experience with Stillen. I had seen they have an OEM replacement clutch assys for the Ricardo. Being the cheap bastard that I am I decided I would go used for now till I'm ready to run the engine. Then I'll get the required clutch setup. I found a good used take out...

    Help with the Ricardo starter ring gear

    Can anyone tell me what the tooth count, O.D. and tooth thickness is for the Ricardo tranny starter ring gear? I obtained the clutch assy without the ring gear. I have contacted Ricardo, Stillen, AP racing, Ford, and others trying to source the ring gear but hit a brick wall. I think I can...

    4.6 quad cam headers

    Has anyone built their own headers on the 4.6 quadcam engine? If so where did you get your bends and flanges? What size tube did you use? Thanks Pete
  7. ECONOMAN goes all or nuthin.

    This DRB #83. The engine is a 4.6 supercharged Cobra. The tranny is the Ricardo. I should be fitting the engine /tranny in a couple of weeks. Pete

    Ricardo tranny and starter

    Does anybody have a picture of the starter used with the Ricardo? Thanks Pete

    Speaking of cable shifters....

    I'm looking for the shifter and cable assy for the Ford GT. I realize I can spend the 2 grand at the dealer but I'm hoping to save a few bucks with a used setup. Has anybody seen any of these for sale out there? Thanks Pete

    Credit where credit is due.

    I just want to thank Fran and Casey for their support of my project. I ordered a piece from Fran and they delivered. It may seem to be a small thing. Something we all expect. Lately it seems we don't get even the most basic of expectations when we put our money down. Also thanks to all the...

    Ricardo transaxle

    Check out this place: RPM Transmissions T56 T-56 4L60E 4L65E for Ricardo trannys. I bought mine for $8600.00. It's been rebuilt and upgraded. I told them I would put a plug in for them here. I understand they have a steady supply. Just a FYI, nothing to do with me. Pete:stooge_moe:

    3d cad models 4.6 mod ricardo tranny

    Does anybody have any 3D models for the 4.6 mod engine and or the Ford GT Ricardo transaxle? Thanks Pete

    Ricardo Transaxle

    Can anyone tell me if the Ford GT transaxle will bolt to a 2004/2004 4.6 Cobra mod engine? I also read in another thread the tranny is about 300 lbs. Is that accurate? Thanks pete

    Now I've gone and done it....

    Here is the engine I have to put in chassis #83. It's a 2003 Cobra 4.6. Yes it will fit in the GT40Australia Chassis. Woohoo! Pete

    Is the frivolous...?

    I've been contemplating purchasing a tenth scale MKII from Exoto. Unfortunately the discount offer Paolo offered us to use is only good on in stock items rather than preordered items. So I would be paying full price. I need some pros and cons to help me decide. Can you guys help? I have my own...

    Rear upright clevis

    After looking at these two pictures and noticing that they have been made 90 degrees from each other where the heim joint connects, I'm wondering if there is a preferred position. Can somebody comment? I'm getting ready to machine a set and happen to run across these two styles. Pete

    Coilover shocks

    Anybody looking to sell your shocks and springs? I will need all four. Thanks Pete

    Suspension Parts

    For those of you looking for Corvette suspension, you might try giving this person a call. He has very reasonable prices and is customer oriented. His name is John of Coastal Vettes in Florida, I have no affiliation with him. His number is 321-268-4995. Pete

    Identifying an engine...

    I have a chance to pick up a 90s 5.0 possibly an H.O. complete and running. It's already out of the car. Don't know what as of yet. What are the things I can look for to help identify what I'm looking at. The price isn't an issue, I would just like to know what's up before hauling it away...

    Check Out This Place!

    I hope this is the right forum, anyway I've been looking around for engine options and somebody passed along this link to me. New Engines Pete