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  1. Oneofakind

    Chassis Failure

    There was no movement of the location of the mounting points or the length of the rear arms. All that we changed was the rotational angle of the pylon. Bottom discernable change in handling.
  2. Oneofakind

    Chassis Failure

    I have finally returned to the forum and realized that I never closed the loop on this item for the folks who asked to see our final product. We completed the repair and redesign of the rear control arm brackets. I'll be the first to admit that our solution is overengineered and overkill...
  3. Oneofakind

    T70 Video

    Nice job, Frank. I hope you enjoy your as much as I have enjoyed mine. Glenn
  4. Oneofakind

    Sports Car Digest Goodwood GT40 Photo Album

    For your viewing pleasure: Goodwood Members Meeting 2016 - Ford GT40 Race Photos
  5. Oneofakind

    383 SBC quad 48 IDA 200hp 248ftlbs ???

    You are WAY under-carbureted! What kind of AFR and exhaust gas temps were you getting? Yes, you can machine your vents, but the better ones on the market actually have a taper in the throat out to the maximum measurement. Not sure how a straight-through cut would perform in comparision...
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    Chassis Failure

    That... and a few of my other "toys" until we get the the Lola fixed and get in back in the stable. I enjoy driving it as much as any of my other cars. I have 4 vintage races between now and November in Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana, so the Lola will have to sit for now and be a...
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    Chassis Failure

    Approximately 2,000 total miles comprised of street and highway driving (no street or drag racing, burn outs, etc...I don't believe in it.) Within that total, 2.5 Track sessions were run at the Circuit of the Americas (the third being cut short by the chassis failure), for a total of ~60...
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    Chassis Failure

    Craig, I would be very interested to see images of the modifications you and Greg Bailey made. You and he appear to share our concern for driver safety. Your photo validates my point: Your use of stronger steel in the mounts than the control arms, and isolating them from the driver's...
  9. Oneofakind

    Chassis Failure

    Fran and I have already been back and forth on this. My race support shop does not agree that two bolts through the seat back is an apprpriate fix. It may stop the twist and stretch on the control arm fulcrum point, but it also creates an impact stress point directly into the back of the...
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    Chassis Failure

    I was running my RCR Lola at a track day at the Circuit of the Americas on July the 5th. Under braking up the front straight entering turn one, the right rear control arm mount tore out of the chassis causing a severe toe-out on that wheel sending the car into a slide. I brought it to a safe...
  11. Oneofakind

    Lola Question

    Chevron Racing has taken over Lola Heritage and will now be producing continuation cars and parts for both brands. Don't know if that is a good or bad thing. Racing News Archives - Chevron Racing
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    Engines HP

    As varied opinions are being offered, mine is that horsepower numbers are irrelevant. If any car intimidates you, park it and find a well-respected racing school and attend a 5-7 day training program suitable to qualify you for a competition license. It's the best investment you can make...
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    The GT40 Story used very effectively as an advertisment

    This was created by a company that claims to specialize in "accelerating"'s very well done.
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    Mike, I sent you a PM about the megaphones. Glenn
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    Mike, The primary difference is in the Lobe Separation Angle and final timing. Multiple Weber set-ups require LSA's greater than 112 degrees and final timing advanced to as much as 38 degrees, depending on the cam and engine. From Weber Guru Jim Inglese: "Any cam is fine as long as you pay...
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    P/1046 Restoration Making News

    Now, that's what I was hoping to see! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Best, Glenn
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    P/1046 Restoration Making News

    Please consider this request: Hire an excellent photographer/videographer to document the "before", "in-process", and "complete" views of the project. The quality of the initial images and videos that were posted leave much to be desired to those of us who crave to be as close to every...
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    Mike, I just posted up the upcoming track day event at the Circuit of the Americas in September on the Race Track forum. Bring that thing down here to Texas and have the time of your life! Glenn
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    COTA Track Days in September

    I just signed up for this event again. I did two days in late June...amazing track! Given the time of year, it will fill very fast. They will most likely extend for the 2nd day. Glenn Edge Addicts Is Back At COTA September 27-28 GOOD NEWS TRAVELS FAST! I'm sure most of you...
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    Video: 1st half of the F1 Season

    This was done by a fan. Very nice Job.